Everything We Know About Resident Evil: Umbrella Corps


Shown at this years Tokyo Game Show just today, a new Biohazard title named Resident Evil: Umbrella Corps was revealed, along with a shiny trailer to advertise the new PS4 title. The trademark for the game was filed for back in July of this year, by Capcom with the Office for Harmonization in the Internal Market (OHIM) for a computer software title of the same name.

Now, speculation can be put to rest. For the 20th anniversary of the Biohazard (Resident Evil) series, Umbrella Corps looks to be very similar to the somewhat unsuccessful Operation Raccoon City. Once more, players seem to be working for Umbrella Security Forces — struggling to contain a B.O.W. threat — as they work together, forming tactics, clambering over obstacles, and just displaying far more movement dexterity than Operation Raccoon City managed to display. The trailer also showed off a superior cover system to Resident Evil: ORC, and what appeared to be stealth gameplay. The game looks fast and furious, incorporating even melee attacks as the player lays into zombies.

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Here’s What We Know — Straight From Capcom: 


Close quarters battle – high-intensity, quick-play matches with no place to hide
Fast-paced, competitive team shooter – players can compete online in adrenaline-fueled
Variety of unique match options – compete in various modes including the high-stakes One
Life Match mode where players only get one chance apiece per round to take down the other
Resident Evil backdrop – familiar environments and enemies such as zombies populate each
map, adding another threat or opportunity
Analog aim and cover system – flexible system allows for lean and height adjustments for
more precise control when firing from cover

Gun and grenade based weaponry plus specialized gear with Resident Evil flair:

Brainer – a powerful melee axe that goes straight into the skull

Tactical Shield – an arm-mounted guard allowing players to utilize a zombie as

Terrain Spikes – boot-mounted spikes for trampling enemies

Zombie Jammer – a device which repels zombies only when active

Release Date: Early 2016

Price: MSRP $29.99 / €29.99 / £24.99

The end of the trailer states that the game will be hitting PS4 consoles sometime in early 2016.

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