Latest Rock Band 4 Trailer Focuses on New Features

Harmonix has released what they are calling the most “Comprehensive and Informative ” video about the forthcoming release of Rock Band 4 to date. The video, modeled after an 80’s style VHS tutorial video, covers all the new features such as Guitar Solos, Vocal Freestyle and Career modes, along with some of the tracklist and compatibility information. The frontman presented within, “Kool” Terry Terman offers the exact amount of cheese necessary to make even the most mundane of features sound RAD. This is a must watch if you are looking forward to the release of Rock Band 4 in October

Rock Band 4 will be playable at EGX (Eurogamer Xpo 2015) where one of our writers will be getting the chance to play the title. Keep your eyes peeled next week for first impressions of the title. Last week Harmonix finally unveiled the game’s entire setlist as well featuring 60+ tracks including another 1500 or so counting DLC. Want to dive deeper and hear more about the resurrection of the rhythm game phenomenon? Check out our interview with Harmonix’s Nick Chester for more info. Rock Band 4 releases October 6th worldwide, coming to both the PS4 and the Xbox One.

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