Gaming on a Budget 9/17/2015 Edition

Some fantastic games available this week. Frictional Studios were giving away Amnesia: The Dark Descent for free on Steam until Wednesday. Luckily, their other titles were also on sale. We included some in this week’s Gaming on a Budget, along with a fantastic sci-fi title that’s been making waves.

Gaming on a BudgetSet in a world, not unlike our own, Technobabylon explores a reality where the Internet has evolved. A.I. has gone berserk, and genetic engineering is simply a run of the mill occurrence. Charles Regis and his partner are called in by CEL to investigate an odd murder case. The man being of some status appears to have been killed by someone close to him. Something’s fishy and Central might not be passing along all the info available to it. That’s what happens when an entire city is governed by a vastly superior artificial intelligence. Human judgment is considered fallible and not to be trusted. Welcome to the world of Technobabylon.

Managing to capture the feeling of old Lucasarts titles, Technobabylon is an immensely well-written point and click adventure that does everything right. The characters are likable; the world is deep and immersive, and the art style is very old school. Fans of Beneath a Steel Sky, I have no mouth and I must scream, and other sci-fi titles will be delighted by this futuristic romp. Technobabylon is available from GOG for just $9.99. At the time of writing this, the sale has just two days left to grab this nostalgia inducing marvel. It even comes with the soundtrack and other fantastic bonuses.

PenumbraWhile the free Amnesia giveaway expired a couple of days ago, you can still pick up Frictional’s first outing. Originally a tech demo that was later expanded, Penumbra told the story of a man named Phillip. His mother passes away and he receives a letter from his dead father guiding him to Greenland. There he embarks on a journey into the unknown. Strange experiments, vicious dogs that don’t seem quite right, fiendish puzzles that will help him survive, and the spiders? Well, let’s just say arachnophobes should avoid this one. Penumbra: Overture was an amazingly atmospheric game that will scare the pants off you. Boasting an original sci-fi story and gameplay that was the genesis for Amnesia: The Dark Descent, it’s one of my all time horror faves.

Black plagasPenumbra: Black Plague carries on the story of Phillip. Asked to finish his father’s work, Phillip will delve deeper into the mysterious complex. Encountering all sorts of new threats — including weather — Phillip will need his wits about him as he discovers the source of what happened to the researchers. With his trusty sidekick Clarence, Phillip will determine the origin of the anomaly and finally put a stop to it. Sadly the Penumbra Collection doesn’t include the third and final part of the series. While Requiem was a decidedly different style of gameplay, it did hold relevant information that helped to end the series. Overture and Black Plague; however, are available right now on Steam together for only $1.99. Grab them fast, as the sale ends this Friday.

DCE4FA4A076DAE7A2AE98B06D37B01B3E1952E85Yes, we have already done Demon’s Souls, and maybe people are already sick of it, but it’s an opportunity too good to pass up. The land of Boletaria is shrouded in darkness. Kings and viscounts are doing things they ought not to be doing. Evil creatures roam the lands, black phantoms potentially hide behind every corner, and even the local wildlife are a force to be reckoned with. Dead souls speak from beyond the grave, guiding you — or perhaps hindering you — you’ll need to discern who is friendly and who is using you. Wield powerful magick, at the behest of the Black Maiden, as she enlists your help to lull the Old One back to sleep.

Not sold yet? Demon’s Souls will destroy your mind and your body. Do not take the land of Boletaria lightly. While death is never permanent here in the Nexus, loss of sanity is.  Never give up hope, for one without hope — well let’s just say you’d be well advised to steel yourself for the horrors that await you. Mindflayers will drain you dry, as you eke out an existence in this harsh climate, struggling to gain power. The flow of time is broken, and the choice is yours alone to aid or hinder fellow souls. Embark on this truly unique journey for just $14.99 on PSN. The sale ends September 23.

That’s it for this week’s Budget. We hope you have some creepy, ghoulish fun with Penumbra. It is a sci-fi classic and worthy of standing against the likes of System Shock, Dead Space, and Alien Isolation. The graphics are a tad outdated, but the atmosphere is still palpable. Enjoy, and thanks for reading!

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