EGX 2015: Mushroom 11 First Impressions


Mushroom 11 is the intriguing puzzle platformer developed by Untame Games. The Brooklyn-based developer has already won a bundle of awards from various outlets. I was invited play the title at Eurogamer Expo and write down how it made me feel on here. It made me feel happy, let’s get stuck in.

Forget what you think you know about Puzzle/Platformers, Mushroom 11 is unlike anything else you will have played. You control a small amorphous organism, but you also don’t. You are manipulating the air around the organism, pushing it out-of-the-way. I can only compare it to using the eraser on Microsoft Paint to make loads of squiggly lines. You control the organism through this odd method and guide it through various obstacles.

First thing I noticed while playing was just how smooth the entire experience was; controls were crisp, and the organism reacted to every nudge and push. This is incredibly vital later on when you are forced to make some very quick changes as you adapt to the dangers in front of you. It is definitely my favorite thing about the game, and there is a real feeling of accomplishment when you manage to solve a puzzle on the fly. Having a flow to your run makes it even more glorious.

On my first run, I was defeated by a flame spouting flower that kept destroying me. This haunted me while strolling around EGX, so I just had to go back for some more. On my return, I bested the beast and also managed to get a meagre seven minutes and forty-five seconds on my run. I thought this was impressive at the time, but I later learned someone else had managed to get three minutes.  My poor time is now haunting me, and I severely want to go back and best my seven minutes.

I only played the first level, so the difficulty wasn’t there yet, but there were hints that the game is going to get infuriatingly hard later on. It forces you to think outside of the box.  Not conforming with the usual Puzzle Platformer tropes, and indeed providing a new and innovative experience for gamers. Of the games I’ve seen so far at Eurogamer, this is definitely one of the most interesting and looks set to be a bit of a dark horse in the Indie Gaming world.

Mushroom 11 releases in October and will be releasing on Steam, Mac, and Linux. While there are no confirmed plans for other consoles, the developers discussed the possibility of PlayStation Vita and Wii U with me, noting a console’s control scheme would have to fit around Mushroom 11’s play style for it to work.

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