League of Legends World Championship: Day One

It’s finally here, the moment eSports fans all over the world have been waiting for. While the best teams in the world descend upon Europe we will keep you up to date on what’s going on and the results from all the groups and stages.


Fnatic vs Invictus Gaming (Winner: Fnatic)



Worlds kicked off with a very one sided game, where the home team exerted their dominance and dominated the game. Fnatic only dropped one kill in the entire game, with Febiven falling in a dragon fight, and managed to close out the game with ease. Fnatic are looking to continue their great form, carrying over momentum from the summer split, and it looks like they could be able to do this.


Cloud9 vs AHQ (Winner: Cloud 9)



The first game to showcase the new champions that may rise in this patch, with Cloud 9’s Incarnati0n taking Veigar and showing off what the tiny master of evil can do. Cloud 9 were able to continue a western dominance in the first day and abused an AHQ who were playing some way off form. Special mention to Hai and LemonNation, raking up 15 assists between them, showing how C9 play well as a team rather than individuals.


SKT vs H2K (Winner SKT)



Personally, this game was dissappointing. Ryu and Faker have one of the best moments in League of Legends, with the Zed outplay being between these two players. There was no such play here and neither player played Zed. Other than that it was a fairly standard game with the favourites out performing their opposition in all departments and generally showing why SKT are such a strong team.


EDward Gaming vs Bangkok Titans (Winner EDward Gaming)



There was certainly an obvious difference in calibre here. Bangkok Titans, a team that many believe was carried to worlds on the back of their midlaner G4, seemed out of their depth and this was optimised in some plays that many fans will have cringed at. The stand out moment of this game came as top laner Warlock flashed and then snared a minion, rather than his opponent mid laner. It was hard to see an upset ever occurring but EDward Gaming marked their intent to be a contender here with a remarkable and workmanlike performance.


CLG vs Flash Wolves (Winner CLG)



This was the first game of worlds that seemed like a close contest. The two teams spent over 40 minutes taking pieces out of each other, both giving as good as they were getting, but it all came down to a Lulu mid who didn’t die and performed extremely well. With CLG showing they can grind out victories in tough games many will now consider them as more hardened competitors for advancing in this tournament. However, the Flash Wolves acquitted themselves very well and will also hope to push on in their next games.


Pain Gaming vs Koo Tigers (Winner Koo Tigers)

Koo Tigers


The final game of the first day was  showcase on how to play the carry roles. Koo Tigers exemplified the three roles of top, mid and marksman with three exceptional performances. It was also interesting to see a Darius, who is considered a powerhouse in the top lane at the moment, getting beaten so hard in lane. Professional players will have obviously practised against the best champions at the moment, but many regular players will be looking at this game for guidance as they hop into solo queue before the second day begins.


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