League of Legends World Championship: Day Four

There was no rest this Sunday with six more fantastic games to be played in the League of Legends World Championships. We bring you the low-down on the next batch of games to keep you up to date.


TSM vs LDG (Winner TSM)


Bjergesen, mid laner for TSM, started the day off with a bang. His performance on Twisted Fate was fantastic, as shown by his score, and opened up the game for the rest of his team to get involved and take down LDG. This performance could be the start of a resurgence of the American fan favourites, but they will have to keep the momentum if they want any chance of qualification.


KT Rolster vs Origen (Winner Origen)


xPeke must be loving life at the moment. The veteran winner of the season one worlds final is on fire this year and has been leading an exceptional team. KT Rolster are widely considered as a contender this year and the fact Origen beat them is outstanding for them. This game shows that kills and individual score do not mean everything (as Ssumday showed on Olaf), but that it is teamwork that wins games. The home boys will be looking to climb and consolidate in order to reach the next round.


Invictus Gaming vs AHQ (Winner Invictus Gaming)


This game had me confused. There were a number of baffling events, namely a Baron steal that should never have been possible due to Kalista and Elise being present, and the game didn’t go at all as predicted. Invictus managed to claim the victory by some margin but they will need to tighten up in the future or another team may be more able to punish them, especially in the later stages of the tournament.


Cloud 9 vs Fnatic (Winner Cloud 9)


Pentadunk. If I was actually allowed to just type that here I would, however I may get the sack if I did. Cloud 9 continue to perform exceptionally at this tournament and this form allowed them to overturn the giants of Fnatic. Not only was there a nice big play from Darius, but there were many things that Cloud 9 did that Fnatic simply did not. Their map control was excellent and, while they were outkilled, they took the important fights and executed them in organised fashion. Things are really crashing down on Fnatic now, and they will need to improve in order to advance.


Koo Tigers vs CLG (Winner Koo Tigers)

Koo Tigers

Well, CLG have met their match. The NA team seemed to be dominating their group but the Koo Tigers were too much for them. Not only did CLG lose, but they were quickly and utterly dismantled. No member of the NA outfit performed on the same level as their counterparts, and none of them really showed signs of leading a comeback. In the end it was a game that Koo took hold of and kept, showing why they may now be the favourites, if only by a little, to win their group.


Pain Gaming vs Flash Wolves (Winner Pain Gaming)


Pain Gaming threw this game right into the hands of the Flash Wolves, who promptly threw it right back. The first wildcard team to win this year, Pain took a surprising early lead before cracks began to form, but the Flash Wolves were unable to truely capitalise on their new advantage and lost the game. This result set the group on an interesting path as no team has truly stamped their dominance yet. CLG and Koo Tigers will be looking over their shoulders now as Pain Gaming look to make gains in the new week.


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