Gaming on a Budget 10/8/2015 Edition

This week on Gaming on a Budget we have a fun little mixture of old and new titles. One of my personal favourites is on sale once more, and I’m going to suggest it yet again.


Aliens vs. Predator 2010 puts you in the unique position of all three species. Xenomorph, Predator, and Human. They each have unique abilities that compliment each other. Will you become the hunter, or the hunted? Grow from a lowly facehugger into a powerful killing machine, or face off against thousands of said killing machines with just a pistol and a shotgun. Not enough for you? Stalk your prey, with tools designed for several different species as you remove their heads and claim them as trophies.

Aliens Vs Predator 2010 was a lot of fun, and arguably the hardest game in the series. No hand holding in this one, folks. The atmosphere in AvP was great; although, not quite as creepy as Aliens Vs Predator 2. It’s still a great title though, and one not to be missed. It’s available on Steam until October 12 for just $7.49. I promise this isn’t like Colonial Marines.


Sometimes I come across things on Steam that upset me. The fact that Septerra Core has gotten mixed user reviews is one of these things. Released in 1999, Septerra Core was a nifty little roleplaying game in the similar vein to games like Fallout, Planescape Torment, and Baldur’s Gate. The odd thing about Septerra Core was its aesthetics. The game mimicked a Japanese animation style in it’s modelling and character design.

Septerra Core put players in the role of Maya, a junker living on the fringes of civilization. She is tasked with discovering the planet’s secrets and rebuilding mankind. SC features an ATB system similar to the Final Fantasy series and somewhat similar graphics; Septerra Core is a classic game that most CRPG fans should pounce on immediately. The fact it has received mixed reviews is a travesty. I must admit I never finished the game, due to the loss of my file on my old computer. Sucks, I was halfway through it too. Grab this great title. It’s only $0.69 on Steam right now.


While the game initially received mixed responses on its launch, Dark Souls II was still a worthy successor in the franchise. Set in the land of Drangleic — an eerily familiar landscape — the world is full of corruption and evil. Humanity is hollow, and must fight to retain their humanity. You are the chosen undead, the one who must make the decision at the kiln of the first flame. Will you give into the age of darkness, or kindle the fire?

While some design issues were a step back from the first game, Dark Souls II still managed to retain that brutal difficulty level, and the joy of exploring a world completely lost to darkness. Any NPC’s you kill are permanent, making the game easy to wreck if one is not careful. Drangleic holds many secrets and many dangerous foes. The combat is furious, and one wrong move may mean your death, and we love every moment of it. You will die. Dark Souls II is just $19.99 on PSN right now. Get hyped for Dark Souls III!

That’s it for this week. I scoured high and low, but there weren’t many titles on sale currently I felt needed a look. Sorry for slim pickings but, as always, we will see you next week on Gaming on a Budget.

Tabitha Dickerson
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