League of Legends World Championship: Day Seven

Group D was decided as the tournament reached the one week of games mark. Was this group cut and dried or were there upsets? APGNation takes a look.

Top Seed: KT Rolster


Today: Three wins

KT Rolster have shown just why they are such a strong team. While they slipped up to Origen last week they showed how strong they were with a three win second round. There’s not too much that KT Rolster will be surprised about in their standing and will be hoping to continue their strong performance in the next round of games.


Second Seed: Origen


Today: One win, two losses

It is somewhat surprising that Origen qualified from this group, but looking at their team maybe it shouldn’t be. xPeke has turned what many considered to be a weak position to a strength with a strong showing, especially on Orianna, and has made the team look very strong. Niels has also looked like a true force in the botlane, securing kills and looking surprisingly at home on the world stage for a rookie. It looks like it may be up to Origen to carry the European hope to London.


Third (DNQ): LDG


Today: Two wins, one loss

It is disappointing that LDG must bow out at this stage. Many saw them as qualification material and with marksman Imp being a world champion alumni, but they failed to show their quality in a clutch of lack luster games. Some of their issues were out of their hands, such as illness hitting the squad during the week, but they must take some responsibility for their actions, and will need to analyse their games to see what they did wrong.


Fourth (DNQ): TSM


Today: Three losses

Now the hope of the America’s is firmly based on Cloud 9, as both the other teams have been eliminated. TSM looked somewhat defeated after today and Dyrus, who retired after this round of games, looked especially drained. It was a tough tournament for TSM and they will be hoping to move on as they look to rebuild their roster and reassert themselves as a dominant force in NA next year.


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