Gaming on a Budget: 10/16/15 Edition

This is kind of expensive week. I hope everyone will forgive this transgression, but there’s some really good games on sale. One of them we reviewed personally, and while it’s close to $40.00, it’s still a hell of a discount. Here we go!


Good Night. Good Luck. Dying light is one of those games that tells you the developers realised their previous mistakes. The genesis of the game was the Dead Island series. While not overly successful, it did teach developers Techland what to do and what not to. They carried that knowledge into Dying Light, expanding on problems in the previous games; fixing them and refining them. While Dying Light featured a similar sort of survival horror experience as Dead Island, with insane melee weapon combinations, npcs and insane roleplaying gameplay, it did it so much better.

Night-time is incredibly dangerous. The survivors only go out during the day if they can help it. The volatiles rule the night; violent hulking creatures that can not be killed easily. Their one weakness? Ultraviolet light. It can stun and weaken them. Safe houses will protect you during the night, but only if they stay fortified. Should you make a loud noise, zombies will come running. They can run, jump and climb exactly as you can. They’re also far stronger than you and the other normal zombies. Dying Light was a zombie horror with a difference. Well written and addictive, it’s worth every penny. Dying Light is currently 25% off on PSN for just $37.49. Give it a go if you like horror.

Lego film

Everything is awesome, especially in the land of Lego. The Lego Movie game more or less follows the plot of the film. Like many previous Lego titles, you will make your way through the levels by using each character’s unique abilities. Wyldstyle is the Master Builder she is in the film; Vitruvius is as blind as always, but he can see things others can’t. Emett, well he’s just plain old Emett and still can’t build anything without instructions. You’ll fight, build and stumble your way through several levels that expand on certain elements of the film.

Whether trying to escape the clutches of Good Cop/Bad Cop, or just trying to give Mr Business the business, you’ll find that The Lego Movie game has that classic Lego gameplay that has made the previous iterations in the series so successful. If you were a fan of the film, you’ll enjoy The Lego Movie game. It’s also fully voice acted by Chris Pratt, Liz Banks and Morgan Freeman. Interested? PSN is currently selling it for 45% off. It’s just $10.99 until October 21st. There’s also a free demo to try it out.


Outlast puts you in the shoes of Miles Upton, a reporter who has received some disturbing information. A whistle-blower of sorts has sent him evidence of horrible experiments and terrible things that are taking place in the Mt Massive Asylum. Against his better judgement, Miles goes to investigate. Shortly after arriving, he is knocked out, and finds himself a prisoner of the asylum. Your new friends are brothers; two naked psychopaths who would love nothing more than to eat your flesh piece by piece.

Armed with just your video camera, your wits and a couple of spare batteries, you’ll need to uncover the conspiracy and horrors that lurk within the walls of Mt Massive. This one I can not recommend enough. Red Barrels are a developer everyone should keep their eye on. Every horror aficionado should play Outlast. The atmosphere, story and gameplay is brilliantly executed. Steam is selling it for $4.99 until the end of tomorrow.


While not quite as expansive as Morrowind, at least it wasn’t as bad as Oblivion. Skyim puts you in the shoes of the Dovah’kin; a warrior born with the ability to unlock draconic powers. Unfortunately, you’ve been sentenced to death. Will you join Ulfric’s faction, or will you side with the opposition? You are the last hope of Tamriel. You must discover why dragons are all of a sudden terrorising people again. After centuries of dormancy, long dead dragons are being revived, but why?

Like previous titles in the series, the world of Skyrim is huge. Full of many quests and hours of dungeon crawling, it was pretty enjoyable. The writing isn’t stellar, but the plot is coherent, the voice acting good, and the few unique characters are memorable. You can choose from several weapons sets, or forgo weapons entirely in favour of magick. The choice is yours in this open-ended sandbox roleplaying title. Steam’s selling Skyrim for just $11.89 until the end of tomorrow also. You’ll need to get in quick to take advantage of this as it’s a flash sale.

That’s it for this week folks. If you’re at all interested in Dying Light, I’d suggest reading our in-depth review of it. It’s a great game, and one we rate highly.
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