League of Legends World Championship: Quarter Finals

Now the real games have begun. Every game counts, and every win is one step closer to that trophy.


Origen vs. Flash Wolves (Origen win 3-1) 20150525131203-7110

The first game in London and it was an exciting series. Not only because I was there, giving out valuable advice to the community, but also because of the closeness of the games. While Origen came out winners, the clearest cut game was the one Flash Wolves victory, where Origen were surprised by a Caitlyn pick that was played to great effect. At the end of the day, it was the home favourites that forced their way to the next round, where they will be hoping to get to their first ever final unless you’re xPeke.


SKT vs. AHQ (SKT win 3-0) 17640-6229613299-maxre

It was no surprise that SKT managed to qualify to the semi-finals, being the favourites to get through to the final and possibly win it. In their way stood AHQ, who only managed to scrape qualification after defeating Cloud 9, and they proved to be little match for the Korean powerhouse. SKT will be hoping to topple Origen in their semi-final in Belgium, and with the fact that they are yet to lose a game in the world finals, they will be going in as favourites.


Fnatic vs. EDward Gaming (Fnatic win 3-0) fnatic-logo

Fnatic was another home team to show their home advantage, managing to topple EDward gaming, who up until now had been looking like a fairly strong team. Fnatic pulled in some very strong games, showcasing their talent across the map with all their players doing very well in at least one match, and in the case of Febiven, many more. It is now down to Fnatic to try and push their way to a second world final, where they will be hoping to be the first team ever to regain the title of world champion.


Koo Tigers vs. KT Rolster (Koo Tigers win 3-1) Koo Tigers

Koo Tigers managed to defy all expectations as they defeated KT Rolster, in a set of games that proved how important the pick and ban phase is. Koo were allowed to play Fiora four times, and with this power pick in the capable hands of Smeb, managed to use it to roll over the favourites. Koo will now be gearing up for a semi-final against a Fnatic side brimming with confidence, and will need to be at the top of their game to be in any chance of securing a place in Berlin.

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