Han Solo and Darth Sidious Confirmed For Star Wars Battlefront

So it’s Paris Games Week, and Sony has decided to come along, which was probably a good idea after missing Gamescom. During the conference, they revealed the newest trailer for Star Wars Battlefront, full of new content with a few character reveals. The new trailer featured gameplay on both of the beta maps, as well as Dantooine and more of Tattooine. Some footage of the already confirmed characters was shown, including Princess Leia and Jango Fett. These characters are going to be involved in the Heroes vs. Villians mode; small intense games in which two rival heroes clash, supported by imperial and rebel soldiers on each side. They will be 6v6 and likely the most consistent way to play as the characters we know and love.

The trailer ended with Luke staring over a lake as Darth Sidious (Palpatine) talked to him, before jumping into battle with Sidious sending out force lightning. Star Wars Battlefront is set to release on November 17th along with the special edition Darth Vader PS4 (the one with the weird controller). The general reception of the beta has been positive, so it is likely that Battlefront is going to do quite well this coming holiday season.

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