No Man’s Sky Release Date Confirmed

The moment a lot of people have been waiting for just happened. No Man’s Sky finally has a rough release date as well as a new trailer. The game is going to release sometime during June 2016, no exact date has been given yet. This news comes at the end of a long period of silence from Hello Games, leaving the community pretty agitated. The game is still a long way off from being finished, but at least we have a confirmed date.

No Man’s Sky was originally  first shown over two years ago now, when it was revealed during the Spike TV Game awards. The game is said to feature over 18 quintillion planets  for the player to explore by improving their travel capabilities via farming and trading. The trailer hasn’t shown any big new things, only what we’ve seen previously in promotional material. Hopefully more details are now going to surface as we approach its release next year. The game is currently still a PS4 timed exclusive with a PC release date no where in sight.

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