Developer Quantic Dream Announce New Title

Detroit is the new title just announced at Paris Games Week by Quantic Dream. It will star the android character shown in an E3 2012 tech demo known as Kara. What details have surfaced of the story point to it focusing upon Kara and her newly emerging human emotions. It will also focus on her escape from the factory she was created in and what lies ahead for her in the real world.

Other details surrounding the story point to a futuristic world inhabited by androids and humans alike. Kara would be the first of her kind to show human emotion. The developers stressed how the game would focus on emotion and the discovery of emotion to someone who has never experienced it before. The announcement trailer showed a world where androids complete specific tasks for humans and are separated to their own areas.

No further details were given besides the full tagline of Detroit: Become Human. This title will be a PS4 exclusive. No release date was given either. Stay tuned to APG Nation for more information on this title as it becomes available.

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