Stranger of The Sword City Coming Soon


Nippion Ichi will release the dungeon crawler Stranger of The Sword City in North America on March 22nd in both a physical and digital release for the Playstation Vita. Developed by Japanese studio Experience, the crew behind as this year’s Demon’s Gaze, Stranger of the Sword City throws players into a world of dark fantasy as they explore dungeons, fight monsters, and compete with friends via the game’s online leaderboard.

NISA describes the games in detail as follows:

“Your flight crashes after passing through a mysterious portal. As the sole survivor, you awaken to an unfamiliar land lit by stars you’ve never seen. This land is Escario, the city of swords. Quickly marked as the Chosen One, the Stranger of Sword City, you must defend this place, and choose your allegiances carefully as you scour the land for a way home.”

Fans of the genre will be able to get their hands on Strange of The Sword City next March, those looking to get their dungeon crawling fix before then can grab Demon’s Gaze, on sale now at most major outlets and online on the PSN.

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