Psychonauts 2 Coming Soon Thanks to Crowdfunding Campaign


Developer Double Fine Productions and Tim Shafer recently launched a fundraising campaign to help produce a long-awaited sequel to one of their most inventive and charming titles Psychonauts. The campaign is being hosted on, and anyone can contribute.

This is huge news for fans of the series as the first title came out in 2005 for PS2 and the original Xbox. It’s a popular title filled to the brim with Tim Schafer’s top-notch storytelling and charming design choices. Most of the levels in the game took place inside the minds of different characters making it unique from other platformers on the market.

The first game totaled 1,697,073$ in worldwide sales between when it launched and now. It has been released in physical format on the PS2, Xbox, and PC alongside digital versions on Steam and as part of Humble Indie Bundles.  Fans have been eagerly awaiting a sequel since the first one released.

Not many details about the second game have come out yet regarding plot and gameplay. What’s been announced is that Raz is now a full-time Psychonaut and will get to visit their HQ. There will be new powers to learn and a plethora of new worlds to explore the minds of the new characters introduced. There are also story tidbits were given that indicate Raz may be helping find the lost father of one of his friends as well.

According to the funding website people can donate however large or small an amount they’d like to. The total amount Double Fine needs from people is 3,300,000$. They plan on funding the rest of the game themselves and with help from an outside investor. There are also different tiers of fundraising involved that will give investors bonuses such as digital download codes of both titles for PC and consoles as well. Other goodies include artwork and a plushy of the main character, Razputin. Investors will also get their names in the credits of the game.

According to a video recently released by Tim Schafer about the project he believes this campaign will be quite successful. He owes this to the success of Broken Age and how it broke records regarding rapidly raising the money it needed to be produced. He also owes the future success of this campaign to the love many gamers have of old-school platformer games. The game is planned to release by 2018 and by then all investors will receive all rewards for the money they raise for the game. The current total sits at just under 3 million and rising. Visit to donate and help make Psychonauts 2 a reality.

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