William Whittingham’s Games of the Year 2015

APG goty 2015 William Whittingham
With 2015 over and done with we all get the chance to look back over what has been a fascinating year for games. While I spend most of my days in the APGNation eSports cupboard I have also been playing some new games and will be sharing the ones I’ve enjoyed the most.
Winner: Massive Chalice

Yes, there is a large chalice involved

For a year so full of massive releases and big name titles this might seem like a bit of an odd decision, but the game that caught me and held me this year was definitely Massive Chalice. Double Fine have always made some of the more interesting games on the market and their XCOM style turn based strategy was just what the doctor ordered for most fans of the genre. The actual combat is simple and fun, with everything that a turned based strategy needs with some cyber punk themes thrown into the mix, but it was the bits in between the combat that kept me playing. The aspects of breeding your heroes, as well as building and assigning older heroes and training the next generation, helped to make what is usually filler in the genre the centre piece of the game. For everyone who’s looking for something to dive into that you may have missed this year then I can highly recommend Massive Chalice, so much so that it gets my nod as Game of the Year.
Honorable Mention: Game of Thrones: A Telltale Game
Some big names, such as Peter Dinklage, reprise their roles from the hit show

Some big names, such as Peter Dinklage, reprise their roles from the hit show

For someone who has never been wholly enchanted by the Walking Dead and the like, I’ve always been at a kind of loss for a game to drag me into the excellent games Telltale make. This all changed with their Game of Thrones offering, which combined a series I love and their special brand of story telling. Since the series spanned two years I counted it here as it was completed in 2015, rather than last year when it was but a single episode. If you don’t like Game of Thrones it’s probably safe to avoid this one, but if you’ve ever wanted to dive into Westeros without playing a weak video game, or a mod for Crusader Kings 2, then check this one out.
Honorable Mention: Cities: Skylines
Here you can see part of a city, but not too much skyline

Here you can see part of a city, but not too much skyline

I must admit I’ve had quite a thing for Paradox over the past few years. It used to feel quite trendy and cool to say that I enjoyed their games because they were never really all that mainstream, with indie games like Magicka and monolithic strategies like Crusader Kings and Europa Universalis filling their catalogue. However, Cities: Skylines came along and blew all this out of the water. The game that Sims City should have been, this game has set the bar very highly for city building and has also incorporated town planning and transport management into the genre with ease. This game may have snagged my Game of the Year, had I been more of a fan of the genre, but I can happily recommend this game of one of the must have titles of the year.
There you have it, my choices for the best of 2015 in terms of video games. Hopefully 2016 will give us some games as great as these and I know I’ll be on the lookout for the best.

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