EU LCS Team Preview – Origen

Line Up

Top: sOAZ

Jungle: Amazing

Mid: PowerOfEvil

Adc: Zven

Support: Mithy

Coach: xPeke


How will they fare?

Going from Challenger Series to semi-finals at worlds is quite a feat, and Origen will be hoping to look stronger as they go into the 2016 season. As a team they have remained mainly unchanged from last year, with only xPeke stepping back to a coaching role. The real question is can last year’s season be built on and even improved upon with PowerOfEvil in the mid lane?


Star Man – Zven (Adc)

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This is Niels, in case you haven’t kept up to date with name changes. The towering marksman was a revelation for Origen last year and has cemented himself as an excellent player. With Mithy by his side once again it is tough to predict anything but dominance from Zven coming into the 2016 season.


You may have heard of – PowerOfEvil (Mid)

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The only new face in Origen is, in his own right, a great player. Coming to fame in the Unicorns of Love team that surprised the LCS community, PowerOfEvil showed he can be a force to be reckoned with in the mid lane and on roams. Only time will tell if he is an upgrade to xPeke, but on paper he looks a very good replacement for the famous player.


Our Prediction: 1st

How will Origen fare in your opinion? Let us know in the comments and stay tuned for more eSports related content in the run up to the start of the EU LCS on the 14th of January.


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