League of Legends New Season Begins, Ranked Queue Breaks Across Europe

A big release in any online game is usually accompanied by some issue or anther that the developer has either not considered or not been able to check fully, and the latest season update for League of Legends is no different. The new pick and ban mode, an important part of the game, was released across all regions today and saw service for a good few hours before random player ejections forced the developers to take the new mode off the EUW server (that covers the entirety of Western Europe). When questioned on the issue a employee of Riot Games, MicroBr3w, stated that the new queue type would not be available today, most likely, as they wanted to make sure it was working perfectly. This statement caused some backlash within the community as player in Europe feel hard done by as no other region has had these issues. In other words, the new ranked queue breaks across Europe and will probably not be available until tomorrow.

Image courtesy of: www.vg247.com

Image courtesy of: www.vg247.com

As some kind of compensation Riot have re-enabled the old ranked queue type for players to start placing themselves, but as one player put it ‘I will not go back to eating treebark, after tasting Chocolate-Chip-Cookies’. While it is understandable that there are always to be issues on day one it is unfortunate that Europe will miss out on the start if the new season and many players are upset by this. For the majority of us it’ll likely be a long wait for the new queue, or a dangerous dive back into the old system that many players reviled.

If you are waiting for the new ranked queue to come back up make sure to check the Riot service status often, as it will be kept up to date on the queue’s status.

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