Mobile Gaming Monday: Take Out Those Smartphones

When it comes to mobile gaming, it’s often tough to find something great, or even something good, without being assaulted by microtransactions, intrusive ads, and other annoyances. Indeed, looking for mobile games can typically feel like wading through a shoulder-deep liquefied landfill before finding something fun to play with that doesn’t make you want to gouge your eyes out with the nearest rusty bicycle handlebar. That’s why I’ve decided to cover the best mobile games to be found, once a week, here on APG Nation.

Mobile games are a great way to waste time, but did you ever want to do so without having to tap your phone or tablet nonstop? If so, then you may want to take a look at Soda Dungeon. In this game, players manage a soda tavern and hire patrons to raid a dungeon, allowing the player to gather more funds with which to expand their tavern and hire better-performing customers. The dungeon itself holds hundreds of different enemies and has hundreds of increasingly difficult floors for the player to traverse. Soda Dungeon manages to mix standard mobile game archetypes with more traditional gameplay, and it does so very well. While the game does have advertisements, they are not very obtrusive, and it is even possible to block ads using in-game currency. Even the few microtransactions present in the game are reasonable, and they do not hold back the player from progressing naturally.


So, what are the drawbacks? Naturally, with every mobile game, advertisements are annoying even when they are rare. Also, combat in Soda Dungeon is fun, but also very time-consuming. While there is a button to automate combat, it doesn’t seem to continue if the player leaves the app running in the background, forcing them to watch their patrons fight through the dungeon until they die and leaving them unable to do much else on their phone without the game pausing. While this may not be an issue for some, it can get boring after some time.

Is Soda Dungeon worth your time? That depends on if you’re a fan of dungeon-crawling games where you gather loot and fight increasingly powerful enemies and bosses? Do you want a game that doesn’t force you to make microtransactions to progress? Are you a fan of dungeon-related soda puns? If you answered yes to any of those questions, then you just might enjoy Soda Dungeon. In fact, if you said yes to all of them, then this game may be your diamond in the rough.

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