Cool Games I Dun Played on Episode 2

Welcome to Cool Games I Dun Played on, once a week I will show you some of the neat things I manage to find on I’ll also show you the not so cool stuff so that you can avoid it. is essentially the Sunday morning car boot sale of game distribution, there are all kinds of weird and wonderful independently developed games to find there. Let’s get stuck in.

Emily Is Away


Emily is Away is probably the most nostalgic bit of media I have ever consumed. I’m part of the generation that grew up with the early days of the internet when MSN Messenger was seen as a perfectly acceptable way to spend your Saturday afternoon. Emily Is Away brings the memories flooding back with its premise, using a messenger client to your highschool friend Emily.  You don’t talk very much, about once a year, but each time you catch up and see how your relationships and college is going. It’s surprisingly well written for an indie game, with a choice system affecting how your relationship with Emily plays out. There are also brilliantly subtle references during each year, with album covers and movie posters available as your profile photo. Emily is Away is a really enjoyable, short piece of content that will have you reminiscing about your days as a teenager. Well worth a download!

Emily is Away Page

Slash Quest


Slash Quest, as the title implies, is about hacking down enemies with your sword. As you do so, the sword grows, allowing you access to the next platform. The premise is simple, and the game offers short and addictive gameplay. The controls could be better; the game makes you use the A & D keys to swing the sword left and right, holding down the two will move the player in the direction the sword is pointing.  I can see why the developer chose this control scheme, as it would likely have been far too easy without. Unfortunately, I found it far too annoying for my tastes, but others might have more patience than myself. In all, not a bad little game with a nice concept.

Slash Quest Page




Terminull is a PC Hacker-themed racing game of sorts, it has you racing through Tron looking levels collecting orange blobs.  It’s a solid concept that could do with a little bit of polishing.  The  Tron like art style is brilliant; I’m a sucker for bright lights and sharp edges. There’s not much to say on Terminull, you’d be better off just downloading it for yourself.

Terminull Page

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