Three Let’s Play YouTubers You Should Watch

Let’s Play Showcase is a weekly series focusing on Let’s Play YouTubers that are currently popular or growing in popularity. I plan on highlighting some of my favorite ones as well as up and coming channels. The main purpose of this will be to discuss the Let’s Player themselves and also talk about any ongoing series of videos they currently have going. Let’s dive right in with my first recommendation.

Game Grumps

The Game Grumps have been one of my favorite YouTube channels for the last three years. Their blend of comedy and interesting gameplay makes for quite the entertaining show to watch. They play many different types of games ranging from RPG’s such as Bloodborne and Pokémon Fire Red to other games such as Dead Rising and Undertale. This channel is well known on YouTube and have spawned multiple classic videos such as their Sonic 06’ playthrough and others.

One of the real strengths of their channel is their overall diversity of content. They have multiple shows including Game Grumps, Steam Train (focusing on Steam games), Grumpcade (which allows other YouTube personalities to be guests on the show and play) and many others. The channel started as the brainchild of Arin Hanson, also known as animator EgoRaptor and his friend Jonathan Jafari better known as JonTron. Currently, Jon has gone back to his own channel and was replaced by Danny Sexbang from the popular YouTube band known as Ninja Sex Party.

Each video is filled to the brim with over the top raunchy comedy. I have found myself in tears watching their content at times. Currently, their ongoing series for Portal 2 and Undertale have been quite entertaining. They are also coming to the end of a hilarious run through Dead Rising. Check them out if you’d rather hear more comedy than see a lot of progress in a Let’s Play. Below is a link to the channel



Another well-known YouTube personality. Mark plays many different types of games and is best known for his videos playing through each of the 5 Nights At Freddy’s games. Mark plays many types of games ranging from horror games to action adventure titles and RPG’s. He’s been on YouTube for nearly 3-4 years now and has made quite a name for himself.

One huge strength of this channel is Mark’s innate charming personality and energy. If I ever have myself a particularly bad day, I simply watch one of his videos to perk myself up. He also puts together multiple charity events and donates large sums of money to different organizations that truly deserve it.

Most of Markiplier’s videos are filled with laughs and sometimes a few tears depending upon the subject matter of the game being played. He’s also very connected to his community and makes sure everyone feels welcome when checking out his channel. The current series he has going are his Fran Bow horror game series and 5 Nights at Candy’s. He also has series that focus on Super Mario Maker and other games. Check out Markiplier for the laughs, tears and amazing comedy that truly spice up a Let’s Play channel. Below is a link to the channel.



Jack is an Irish native YouTuber, who’s relatively new to the Let’s Play world. He’s been active for about 2-3 years now and has been quite successful. He was featured in a PewDiePie video highlighting upcoming Let’s Play channels. After that video was a success, subscribers flocked by the thousands and hundreds of thousands to his channel. This is easy to see why if you watch some of his videos.

Jack’s strength is his honesty and high-energy persona. Nearly every video starts off with his trademarked “Top of the morning to ya ladies” and always brings a smile to my face. He plays multiple types of games but tends to focus on horror games and action titles such as Infamous Second Son and RPG’s such as Undertale. He also plays a lot of Indie titles and helps to give them a spotlight as well.

If you’re looking for a high-energy Let’s Player who will keep you entertained throughout then Jack is your man. Jack also manages his fan community quite well and does multiple videos with them such as reading YouTube comments and taking in ideas from fans on what games to play next. He currently is working on a series playing Papers, Please and Don’t Starve Shipwrecked. He also recently released a video playing through That Dragon, Cancer, which was one of his most emotional videos yet due to the content of the game overall. Jack is even going to donate to a cancer research charity because he was so touched by the game. Below is a link to the channel.


That’s it for the inaugural edition of Let’s Play Showcase. Hopefully, I’ve recommended something for everyone to enjoy here. There are so many Let’s Players on YouTube but only so much time to watch them all. Come back next week for more awesome channels to watch!

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