Meet Rezli, LinkedIn for Gamers


LinkedIn Is For Your Parents.


For gamers, finding a long-term career that aligns with their interests can bring a mountain of uncertainty. There are plenty of developing fields in technology, science, and gaming that make sense…but unfortunately the idea of an avid Halo player looking for networking and career opportunities through Linkedin seems far-fetched.

If you are a gamer like us, there is no single platform where you can share your story and allow others to see what you are made of.

Meet Rezli – a comprehensive content, media, and career building site created by gamers, for gamers. Our mission is to bring everyone in the gaming industry – gamers, developers, organizations and educational institutions – to a centralized place where they can connect and play with purpose. We’ve combined the best features from LinkedIn, Twitter, Behance, and Facebook to create a meaningful experience that can help take you where you want to go.


Rezli was spawned from the realization of gameplay being more than a hobby now – it’s a part of who we are. Our technology connects users with others who play their games, and allows them to show their best work as well as share their experience and skills. It can be filtered and searched for actionable information related to job types as well as people and companies in the industry. Check out the overview from IGN and our short debut video below to catch a glimpse of Rezli’s features.

Rezli is here to change the gaming world and provide a network for the industry.

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