EU LCS: What we’ve learnt so far

So it’s been an exciting opener to the EU LCS, with a lot of surprises and let downs. We’ve all been watching this season with baited breath and here’s the most important things that we have learned.


At the top…

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We came out with our prediction that H2k would be up there with the best this split, and we have so far looked smart for doing so. While other big teams have fallen off, with Origen and Fnatic both having fallen prey to bad performances in recent weeks, H2k have proven to be impressive and as such top the LCS after three weeks. A huge surprise is that G2 join them at the top with the same 5-1 score sheet and have shown the same kind of form that Origen did last split as they stormed up in their maiden split. Unicorns of Love and Vitality round out the top of the table with 4-2 scores, with Vitality looking to be the stronger of the two after a shaky start against ROCCAT.


In the middle…

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It’s been a revelation that Elements have managed to fight their way to a mid-table position at this point in the season. Pegged by many as the team that would be steam rolled by all the other teams Elements have scored a respectable 3-3 and will be hoping to use the momentum gained to rise through the LCS. On the other hand, Fnatic and Origen both also sit on 3-3 and fans of the teams will be disappointed that they were unable to perform a little better. While the year is still young they will need to step up their game in order to reach the heights of last season.


At the bottom…

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It’s been a sad tale for ROCCAT this split. Many were quick to write them off as relegation fodder and they have done nothing to change opinions. The team has always been inconsistent and the new roster looks to be much the same, with a 1-5 showing they cannot be competitive in their current state. Just ahead of them are Splyce, who have looked just as volatile in terms of gameplay in recent weeks. Giants are propping up the league and have yet to secure a win and are looking to be the bottom of the table for some time to come. It will be a vital game when ROCCAT and Giants face off as it may well decide who sits lowest in the table. All three teams will need to improve to avoid the potential drop to the challenger series.


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