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Welcome to Cool Games I Dun Played on, once a week I will show you some of the neat things I manage to find on I’ll also show you the not so cool stuff so that you can avoid it. is essentially the Sunday morning car boot sale of game distribution, there are all kinds of weird and wonderful independently developed games to find there. Let’s get stuck in.



Asteroidx is a remake of the original Asteroids game; the developers have given it a colorful lick of paint and modernized the controls a little bit. There are weapon modifiers and other pick-ups to enhance your power during runs. The game also features a leaderboard so you can measure how much you suck compared to other players in the world. Asteroidx doesn’t do anything incredibly original, but it will keep you busy for half an hour.

Asteroidx Page

Asteroidx Gameplay Video





Upsquid is a pretty simple concept, you are a squid, and you must travel upwards. You must refill your energy bar by munching on tiny animals as you travel. The game is almost identical to the excellent Downwell, but instead of travelling down, you travel upwards.  It a nice simple premise that is surprisingly addictive, especially when the game gets more challenging later on. This is worth your time, and you can even play it in your browser, no downloads needed.

Upsquid Page

Papyrus’s Big Christmas Adventure


For the uninitiated, Papyrus is one of best characters in the indie smash hit Undertale.  A lot of the funniest moments during the game stem from Papyrus so a fan made game focused on him makes perfect sense. The game emulates Undertales comedic atmosphere very well, featuring jokes and dialogue that feels like an extension of the Undertale universe rather than someone merely trying to rip it off. The premise is simple; Papyrus must hide a present within ten minutes.  The game is primarily a platformer, with various traps scattered throughout the level to hinder you as much as possible. The game is not going to win any awards for originality, but it is very well made. Most definitely worth a download if you are an Undertale fan.

Papyrus’s Big Christmas Adventure Page

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