Three Let’s Play YouTubers You Should Watch

Let’s Play Showcase Week #2

By Zachary Mathiot

Welcome back to Let’s Play Showcase. Last week I highlighted some of my favorite Let’s Play YouTubers and this week I have three more. Let’s dive right in with OneyPlays.


Chris O’Neil or as he’s better known Oney heads up this channel. Oney is known for his over the top and raunchy comedy and animation style. Before jumping into Let’s Plays Oney was better known for his animated cartoons such as DragonzBall P and Wingardium Leviosa.

Oney’s videos feature a large spread of games on multiple consoles. Some of his best work are the Dark Souls series and his DayZ playthrough.  Each video is filled to the brim with Oney’s unique brand of humor and disgusting jokes. This channel is not for those against crude and graphic humor in their videos. I’ve found myself in literal tears at certain points in his videos.

The one issue with this channel as of right now is the upload schedule. Most other channels upload 1 to 2 videos or more each day or week. Oney uploads quite erratically but the content he does put up is very entertaining. If you’re a fan of his previous animation work and want a good laugh make sure you check him out.

Oney Plays 1

Daithi De Nogla

Nogla is another Ireland born native like Jacksepcticeye. He has been around on YouTube for about 2-3 years now with his Let’s Play channel. He was originally featured mostly in videos with his friend known as Vanoss Gaming and H20Delirious. It wasn’t too long after being a part of Vanoss Gaming’s GTA 5 online videos that he started up his channel.

Nogla’s true strength lies in his over the top reactions to the games he plays on his channels. He has quite the short temper and plays with this by playing games that are extremely difficult or time-consuming. He also has other videos focused on his singing and vlogs on different trips he’s made around the world. He currently lives in the U.S., which allows him to collaborate more easily with other Let’s Play YouTubers.

Some current series to watch on his channel are his Move Or Die video series and his other series focusing upon Garry’s Mod for Half Life 2. He also frequently plays other games such as The Impossible Game and Happy Wheels. Check out Nogla for a good laugh and some impressive and glitch-ridden gameplay as well.

nogla 2


This channel is led by a YouTuber known as Peanut Butter Gamer. His original channel focused on comedy videos and others that discussed his favorite games or types of games. He also talked about his top 10 games or things from different games such as favorite Zelda weapons. This channel, however, is solely for his various gameplay videos he produces.

PBG does so well with this Let’s Play channel because he brings that same charm, wit and humor from his main channel into his gameplay videos. Each one is chocked full of interesting tidbits about the game and his own frustrations over losing or messing up on camera. Some of his funniest series to date were his Super Mario 64 videos and his Zelda Corruptions videos.

Currently, he is running a series of Super Mario Sunshine and some other multiplayer games like Mario Tennis Ultra Smash. He also has a video series he creates with his editor Jeff known as PB&Jeff. These videos are normally multiplayer games or strange/rare games he’s found to play. Definitely, check out this channel for some pretty amazing gameplay and even funnier glitch freak-outs.

PB_and_JEFF 1

That does it for week #2 of Let’s Play Showcase. I hope I’ve recommended some awesome channels to be aware. Come back next week for more!

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