Cool Games I Dun Found On February 24 2016

Welcome to Cool Games I Dun Played on, once a week I will show you some of the neat things I manage to find on I’ll also show you the not so cool stuff so that you can avoid it. is essentially the Sunday morning car boot sale of game distribution, there are all kinds of weird and wonderful independently developed games to find there. Let’s get stuck in.

Radical Rockets


Cheesy name aside, Radical Rockets is a surprisingly fun little game. The actual “Game” elements are a little thing and instead the game plays out like a wacky stunt simulator.  Similar to games like QWOP and Mount Your Friends, the game controls counter-intuitively to make the gameplay much more challenging.  What you end up with is a game that you keep plugging away at as you slowly manage to get to grips with how the jet pack works. Eventually, you end up cocky enough that you start to perform tricks and fly through the hoops placed around the map.  The game also features some pretty awesome songs that compliment the game perfectly. This is worth a download.

Radical Rockets Itch.Io Page

The Travels Of A Dung Beetle


So this is quite literally a game of pushing around poop, the game focuses around a dung beetle that travels around building up his poo ball. It’s pretty simple stuff, but surprisingly relaxing. It reminded me of an age gone by where character driver platformers were all the rage, and collecting stuff throughout a level was darn good fun. The game is pretty short, though, took me no more than 5 minutes to finish, but those five minutes were the best five minutes of pushing poop around that I have ever experienced.

The Travels Of A Dung Beetle Itch.Io page

Daily Grind


Daily Grind is probably the most interesting game on this weeks edition; it’s not a game but rather a short narrative experience. It doesn’t involve much more than pressing a few buttons when prompted and it isn’t particularly long either. It’s hard to write about the game without spoiling it, so you are better off just jumping in yourself. The title has more than one meaning, just to let you know.

Daily Grind Page

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