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Mass Effect Andromeda Artist Reveals Pathfinder Model

Yesterday Eurogamer reported that Bioware senior character artist Furio Tedeschi posted a picture of the new armour for Mass Effect: Andromeda‘s lead character the Pathfinder. The high-resolution image shows the male character model, including the iconic N7 logos and a very Mass Effect-esque silhouette. The post on Zbrush Central read “our Pathfinder character model at Bioware Montreal…. for Mass Effect Andromeda – Modeled By Herbert Lowis [another Bioware artist]” It is an absolute treat for Mass Effect fans, who have been starved for details until now.

Anyway, the images below are from his forum post. However, you can see more of the model, alongside his commentary at the 2015 Zbrush Summit in the YouTube clip that follows.

Mass Effect Pathfinder Armour

Mass Effect Pathfinder Armour

These images, however teasing, will come as a breath of fresh air after a few tense months where fans were incredibly worried about the project. On top of the departures of lead writer Chris Schlerf, and senior development director Chris Wynn, it was announced that Mass Effect: Andromeda‘s release has been pushed back to Q1 2017.

I personally love the new character design and can’t wait to see the customization options for the human that goes underneath it, but others have their reservations. I can concede that it does look a bit generic, and I can see the influence of recent ‘space marine’ type armours like Halo 5: Guardian‘s most recent models of the MJOLNIR Spartan armour, and classics like Doom. Hopefully, the game will feature different variants of armour for your N7 operative to wear so that those who aren’t enamoured with the design can be happy too.


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