Nitroplus Blasterz: Heroines Infinite Duel Review

Game: Nitroplus Blasterz: Heroines Infinite Duel
Developer: Examu
Publisher: Marvelous USA
Reviewed on: PS4
Price:  $39.99

The publisher provided a copy of this title for this review.


This week we will be taking a look at Nitroplus Blasterz, a fighting game starring the various heroines from the visual novel publisher Nitro Plus’ vast library of titles.

Gameplay here is very typical of the anime sub-section of the genre; players pick from among the game’s 14 playable characters then brawl with a friend or the CPU with over the top attacks, special moves, and finishing attacks. The first to deplete the opponent’s health wins and the winner of a best of two contest takes the whole match. Then wash, rinse and repeat until gamers become sick of it and move on for another, better fighting game.


That might sound harsh, but there is little that separates Blasterz from its flashy genre mates, it isn’t as polished as Guilty Gear or Blazblue, lacks the brand name appeal of Dengeki Bunko Fighting Climax, and offers nothing that fans haven’t seen a million times before in other games. On top of this, the game lacks any real single player modes as well. Sure, you get the typical Score Attack, Arcade Mode, Training Mode and other things you’d expect from a game like this, but Blasterz’ two story modes can be cleared in a single hour and, beyond seeing new images from beating them again with a different character, there is literally nothing to unlock either. On top of all of this, the online play for the PS4 version of the game is locked behind Sony’s PlayStation Plus pay wall, which prevented me from event testing the feature during my time with the game.


On the plus side, Blasterz plays nicely, has tight and responsive controls, and sports colorful graphics and animation that are a treat to watch in motion. But that said, this is a game that you will likely only enjoy if A. You really like the characters featured here (Though I must admit I had no idea who most of them were beyond Saber, Saya, and Al) B. Have a lot of friends who are into the genre and looking for something new, or C. Have Playstation Plus.

With all that in mind, I give Nitro Plus Blasterz a 6.5/10. A solid fighter but lack of extras, and a poor single player experience makes this one I cannot recommend to most people.

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