Is SEGA Teasing Warhammer 40k Dawn of War 3?

Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War is one of the most highly regarded real-time strategy titles in PC gaming, spanning two games with multiple expansions, the franchise is a treasure. However, since Relic Entertainment, the developers of Dawn of War, were sold to SEGA following the THQ bankruptcy, fans have worried that we may never see a return to the franchise.

Dawn of War Blood Raven

This fear was somewhat averted by SEGA registering a domain for Dawn of War 3, and releasing new content for Dawn of War II: Retribution in the form of the Necron Overlord for the Last Stand game mode. However, today suspicions of a franchise revival are sure to return. On its official Twitter account and on the Dawn of War YouTube, SEGA put out a teaser, including a moving image and tomorrow’s date. Detail-sparse teasers such as this are the current vogue, and tend to precede big announcements, so we can be fairly sure it isn’t for a two-buck DLC.

Whatever the case, tune into SEGA’s various social media accounts tomorrow for more news. Here’s to hoping for a return of the Blood Ravens.

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