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As a team here at APGNation’s eSports division we always love the off season with all it’s roster changes and excitement, sometimes even more so than the season itself, but we also know it can be hard to keep track of who’s going where and who everyone is. That’s why we’ve been working hard to bring you team profiles that can help you stay up to date and in the know. In this profile, Ellen Chou and Will Whittingham take a look at a team new to the North American LCS, Apex Gaming.



Jeon ‘Ray’ Ji-won is the first of three players on Apex Gaming to be of South Korean descent and joined from the highly respected Edward Gaming team based out of China. While Ray was never truly able to cement a place in the Chinese team’s starting line-up, he will be hoping that the move to North America can kick start his career and reputation. The arguably lower level of play and the different meta in the west may help shape Ray into an active player, although he will have to contend with other imports who have thought the same.



After being a part of Team Coast during the 2015 Challenger Series, Byeong-Hoon ‘Shrimp’ Lee would be picked up as a jungler for the new team, Apex Gaming, alternating with former Samsung Galaxy Eve. He and his team would win the uphill battle of getting into the LCS after they manage to land a spot in the LCS for the coming season, but the real challenge has only begun for Apex Gaming and Shrimp. His skills will soon be put to the test against other bigger names and only time will tell if Shrimp can make the step up. Even so, he will look to demonstrate his capabilities as a professional player and a strong jungler at the top of the North American game.



Despite Gravity’s disbandment, Lae-Young ‘Keane’ Jang continued his role as a mid-laner for the 2016 Spring Split, but for the new Challenger team, Apex Gaming. Even with a fresh team, he is still known for playing seemingly unusual champions time-to-time such as Graves, yet it has proven successful with Apex Gaming joining the LCS scene after a successful challenger series. He notes that his current team is different in that it is more severe when it comes to competition and the strong presence of Apex Gaming in the Challenger stage may be a result of that. It will be the time for Keane to return to lane against familiar faces and show how much he has improved, and it’ll be interesting to see if he still brings out his bizarre pocket picks or sticks more to the meta with this more competitive team.



Apollo Price, just known as ‘Apollo’ as a player, is experienced in the LCS scene after previously being on familiar teams such as Team Impulse and Team Dignitas with the latter transferring their spot in the championships. All good things must come to an end, but great things do not have as Apollo continues his career by moving to Apex Gaming as their new marksman. By maintaining his position in the bottom lane, Apollo can now have his presence be shown across the rift with his new team and continue to shine as a tough player.

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Alex ‘Xpecial’ Chu is far from being unfamiliar to LCS as he was a former man for Team Liquid, but has now joined a different team, Apex Gaming, as their support and shot-caller. He looks to secure his new squad into the LCS through the 2016 Summer Split after winning to Team Dragon Knights, but has shown to be shaky in their loss to Team Impulse in the promotion trials. He knows that there is always room for growth, nonetheless, he is hoping to prove himself as a strong team player in the upcoming matches.


Apex Gaming also has a full reserve squad that can be used in and out with their starting players, although they will likely be playing on their challenger team more than their LCS team. Ellen Chou has outlined these players for you below to keep you more informed because she’s nice like that.



The gateway to LCS himself, Cristian or only ‘Cris’ Rosales is putting his foot down on stage once again, this time with his newly formed team Apex Gaming. With this being his fourth time entering LCS since high school it is evident Cris is hungry to compete with the best of the best and prove himself as a top laner to be feared. Re-entering the big stage will always fail to deter Cris from attempting to climb the ladder as he aims to come out on top against the enemy. No matter what the odds are Cris will hope that his tenacity and determination can shoot him into the starting line-up for Apex Gaming.



Do not let the name fool you, Danil ‘Diamondprox’ Reshetnikov is much more than your average diamond player in solo queue. He has owned his jungle, and his enemy’s, for years and never failed to leave a mark on the league he’s in. His now former teams Unicorns of Love and Gambit Gaming may be missing out on a great player as he travels to a new region to be the jungler for the newly formed Apex Gaming in the 2016 summer split, assuming he can dethrone Shrimp for some play time. With his dominant play style, the other junglers of North America will have to keep him in check if they want to prevent a one-sided match.

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Danny ‘Shiphtur’ Le has been around the LCS scene for quite some time, most notably with his time in the veteran Team Dignitas. Despite the team’s absence in the 2016 summer split, Shiphtur will keep on adding time to his presence in the mid lane with Apex Gaming. His knowledge and experience in the game have helped him become one of the most prominent mid laners who is more than capable of making plays in his role. As a team player, Shiphtur will have no qualms about ruling over the rift with a new set of team mates to work with, but it may be hard to move Keane to the bench.



Jang-Won ‘Roar’ Oh is the AD carry for Apex Gaming following his former team Incredible Miracle (rebranded into Longzhu Gaming). As Roar transitions from the LCK to the NA LCS, he has the ambition to add this competition to his list of accomplishments as a professional player. His playmaking abilities will suffice your needs of seeing an all-round player getting the work down as the damage dealer of the squad. Now with his team to back him up as he makes the enemy backline suffer, Roar’s intent for the 2016 Summer Split is to be the superior one out of the duo lane options, but at least to begin with Apex Gaming have opted to start Apollo.



Kevin ‘KonKwon’ Kwon has been on prominent teams such as Coast and NRG eSports but is now planning to up his support game by being on Apex Gaming. He has kept his team with a strong presence during the beginning of the Spring 2016 split, but now going into the next season he plans on changing just the beginning to the entirety. By facing off some of the same names he has in the last split, he has his eyes set on taking his team to the highest rank he could get which is hopeful to the finals, but this veteran will be up against fellow long time player Xpecial for the starting spot.


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