APGNation’s Brief Reaction: EU and NA LCS Week 1

After an exciting first week of League of Legends in both Europe and America, we sat down to discuss what we saw. This week Ellen Chou and Will Whittingham present insights into what happened in the NA and EU LCS.

After G2 Esports’ performance at MSI and the roster changes, we were all expecting a slight setback and a latent period of rebuilding before they were at their best once again. However, after the results, kudos to G2 for being able to stay dominant in their respective region (at least for the first week) as they took all six points from their first two games. Onto number two, Fnatic, who had YellOwStaR return and proved a lot about the team and how they still have their teeth. Although there is still an absence of Huni and Reignover (who made the trip to North America), it appears to me that the glue around the team was and still may be YellOwStaR himself. I see it as a little Deja vu from the time when Hai was taken out of retirement and appeared to be the glue for Cloud 9, which isn’t a bad thing at all. Schalke 04 round out the top three after also gaining four points in their first week and their strong opening performances have been a surprise to many fans.

Kikis will be happy after his team won their first two games. Image courtesy of: 1337mag.com

Kikis will be happy after his team won their first two games. Image courtesy of: 1337mag.com

Unicorns of Love currently sit at number four, with a win and loss in the opening week, and showed some potential going forward into the split. Below them, the last two positions in play-offs (although they are a long way off) are occupied by four teams: Team ROCCAT, Splyce, Vitality and H2k-Gaming with all four organizations drawing both their games in the first week. Origen were the disappointment of the week as they failed to pick up any points and as such sit at the bottom of the table alongside GIANTS! Gaming.

Overall, we believe that the first week of EU LCS was more along the lines of expected and unsurprising, with the odd exception here and there but subjected to change within a week. All the teams look great and mostly improved from the last split and could probably make out some ties here, then again, it didn’t happen in the last split.

Turning our eyes to North America, we think it came out with a lot more unexpected events and results. Aside from Biofrost’s impressive debut we thought that some of the less-hyped teams made great performances in the first week. Teams that appeared in the Spring Split such as TSM and Immortals were expected to go hard, and did so with a set of exceptional performances for both teams, but the new names were also showing up. Apex Gaming, EnVyUs, and Echo Fox all started the week fairly well managing to pull off wins over Counter Logic Gaming and Team Liquid (and one game from C9). Although, those numbers can be deceiving because these teams have yet to face Immortals and TSM, who are two of the big dogs of the league, and each other. The numbers are expected to stagger some more as the season progresses, but the first week has set the mood for an exciting summer.

Biofrost came out the gate swinging for TSM. Image courtesy of: esportsedition.com

Biofrost came out the gate swinging for TSM. Image courtesy of: esportsedition.com


These views are the opinion of APGNation writer’s Ellen Chou and Will Whittingham.

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