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As a team here at APGNation’s eSports division we always love the off season with all it’s roster changes and excitement, sometimes even more so than the season itself, but we also know it can be hard to keep track of who’s going where and who everyone is. That’s why we’ve been working hard to bring you team profiles that can help you stay up to date and in the know. In this profile, Carissa Jackson takes a look at one of the most famous North American LCS teams, Team SoloMid.



Kevin Yarnell joined TSM’s roster during the beginning of the 2016 Spring Split. When Hauntzer arrived from Gravity, he knew that he had huge shoes to fill. He replaced TSM’s great top laner, Dyrus. His first appearance on the team was during the world famous IEM Invitational in San Jose. Many TSM fans had no idea how the extensive roster change would work out. Kevin ended up surpassing expectations during IEM and continued to dominate throughout Spring Split. Even though TSM had a rough mid-Spring Split, Haunzter played very well. His Maokai dominated during quarterfinals and semifinals, eventually taking the spot to go against CLG for first place. Unfortunately, they made it so far, but could not defeat their rival, CLG.



Before the 2016 Spring Split, TSM decided to replace four of their five previous members. Dennis Johnsen happens to replace TSM’s jungler, Santorin. Svenskeren was imported from the dominant EU team, SK Gaming. Fans criticized Dennis’s gameplay during his first split with TSM and even blamed him for many losses. Svenskeren is known as an aggressive jungler, looking for plays that could bring TSM a swift victory. Even though during Spring Split a lot of the attempts did not work but, during quarterfinals and semifinals, he proved everyone wrong. He carried his team with his immense pressure on Graves. Now that he has shown fans what he can do, there are high hopes for this new import jungler.



Soren Bjerg came to TSM from Denmark in 2013 and rose to be known as “TSM’s best player.” As the only returning TSM player during the 2016 Spring Split, he had a lot of people and their playstyles to which he had to adjust. Bjergsen has a wide champion pool that has allowed many different comps to be played. Not only is his champion pool wide, but he also has mechanical skill to back it up. The Bjergerking has never been short of fantastic when it comes to competitive play. Fans wait for an intense 1v1 with Soren during LCS. Currently, he is TSM’s shot caller and team captain. During Spring Split of 2016, he played mostly utility champs to help assist TSM to victory.



Doublelift is known as one of NA LCS’s great AD Carries. Before the 2016 Spring Split, he was always associated with TSM’s rival team, CLG. During preseason of 2015, CLG releases a departure letter and TSM issues a statement of their new ADC, Doublelift. Yilliang Peng’s mechanical plays are considered “godly” and “next level.” His playstyle is aggressive but controlled in team fights. He plays champions like Kalista and Tristana to kite and outplay his opponents. During the 2016 Spring Split, Doublelift played consistently and helped bring TSM to finals against his old team, CLG. In a disappointing 3-2 loss CLG took home to trophy but, this doesn’t stop Yilliang’s determination to win.




Vincent “Biofrost” Wang is TSM’s newest support player. After the 2016 Spring Split, YellowStar left NA to go back to his home, EU. Biofrost has been around in the Challenger scene for quite a while. He has jumped around different challenger teams but finally found his home with TSM. Vincent’s Thresh and Karma plays are known to be game changers. It is said that Doublelift and Biofrost are an unstoppable force when it comes to ranked games. Knowing this fans are excited to see how Biofrost will fit in with TSM.

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