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One of three rookies to join Team Liquid’s roster, Sam “Lourlo” Jackson found himself in a rocky start in the top lane during the outset of the 2016 Spring season. But after getting the hang of what LCS is truly like and becoming more synergized with his team, he has still helped along getting high on the ranks in the regular split. Lourlo has become a fantastic player where teams such as Counter Logic Gaming has struggled against. But now that the team has taken the time to smooth out the edges, they will be looking out to end this season with a higher placement than the last.



Coming out of NRG eSports and into the jungle for Team Liquid, Galen “Moon” Holgate played out strong performances on the previous split on Elise or Rek’Sai. But now that he will be working with a different team, the communication and synergy will be put to the test in the summer. He has a wide champion pool to work worth as well as teammates who have a wide span of knowledge. But without a Lee Sin in sight, the audience will be watching what Moon will give to Team Liquid. After faltering during the last half of the spring season, he will undertake the challenge of having more consistent performances.



Jae-Hoon “Fenix” Kim is one of the faces of Team Liquid and one of many feared mid laners within the North America region. His incredible mechanical out plays has quickly shut down the enemy team and force them to reevaluate the game. Fenix is not one to neglect as he can carry out the game with his bare hands. With a versatile pool of champions and a comprehensive knowledge of how to make the plays, laning against him will always be a challenge for the other solo player. After being a part of the team for so long, perhaps it is this split coming around where he will burn out the competition.

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One of the greatest AD carry players, Gwang-Jin “Piglet” Chae, is not a rookie anymore as he has become one of the veterans of the Team Liquid squad. He is now up to the challenge of helping the rookies of the team grow and improve. Starting off the season with a majority of rookies, it is an impressive feat that the team itself placed higher than teams with more experience. His mechanical playmaking ability is nothing to ignore as his Caitlyn and Lucian bring the hurt onto the enemy team. As the new season approaches, the high-caliber Piglet is itching to dominate his bottom lane.



One of the players to rival Aphromoo’s Bard, Matthew “Matt” Elento has come out onto the real LCS stage to be the support for Team Liquid. The team may have had a rocky start getting comfortable with one another, but by the end of the 2016 Spring split, they accomplished many wins to get them high in the standings. His adjustments for the team and hard work on improving has come so far, and it has paid off. The amount of roaming he does contribute substantially on pressuring the enemy team and landing the needed wins to make it big. Matt’s life is now surrounded by the huge plays and the extraordinary victories.


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