Overwatch PTR Update Reworks Mercy

A new PTR update is live, and this week brings some interesting changes to one of our favorite heroes.

The Overwatch team has always been one to listen to community feedback. And while that works out in many cases, sometimes, like in the case of Roadhog’s recent changes, they don’t work out. This time however, we got a change that was completely unexpected.

Mercy, our Swiss doctor friend, got a massive rework in the last patch. Her previous ultimate ability, “Resurrect,” is now a regular, single target ability with a long cool down. Her new ultimate, “Valkyrie,” allows her healing and damage boost beams to chain to nearby allies. Her secondary pistol is also granted additional damage and infinite ammo as well as her movement speed is increased with the ability to fly around the map freely. These changes will hopefully allow Mercy to become an overall better healer, but simultaneously let her be strong on her own.

Mercy has always held a solid place in the competitive meta, beating out all but Ana in overall versatility. These recent changes, while unexpected, are very welcome as many players have expressed concern that the skills learned by a Mercy main aren’t very easily transferable to other heroes. This being the case, Mercy mains tend to only play Mercy, even when she isn’t the best choice for the team. These changes should allow Mercy mains to become more well-rounded heroes, and even allow them to do some damage on their own.

All in all, these Mercy changes should certainly shake things up in a game that has grown all too stale recently. The full patch notes can be found here.

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