Author: Tabitha Dickerson

Welcome to the sovereignty of our nation. I am Tabitha Dickerson. I am currently 26 years old
First introduced to the world of “vidya” at the ripe old age of four—my first console was a Sega MegaDrive (Genesis).

The only game I had for a number of years was Sonic 2. Upon becoming extremely proficient at that, I moved onto games like Spiderman/Venom Separation Anxiety, Maximum carnage, Toy Story and many more. My next console was a Playstation where I developed my love for all things Sony, increasingly becoming obsessed with anything JRPG related.

I studied photography and the entertainment industry after completing my HSC. I have joined The Nation with a view to providing the best possible objective news coverage and accurate reviews possible. I also write for Highland Arrow from time to time as well as covering and reviewing naughty things for LewdGamer.

Hopefully I can help grow the Nation as well as acquire further experience, waffling on about an industry and a media that I absolutely adore. Currently own every major console.

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