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July 20, 2015

The APGNation Podcast Episode 16


The resurrection of the APGNation Podcast is upon you, listeners. This episode, featuring the venerable Sean Winnett, the always ridiculous Jeff Pannell and APG’s very own YouTube Czar, Jesse Gomez, covers a wide array of subjects. We offer our condolences to Nintendo and the industry at large regarding the passing of Satoru Iwata, talk about some of the woes EA has had regarding NCAA Football and talk about our favorite underrated/undiscovered games from the last few generations of consoles.

This episode can be found via iTunes, Stitcher or any other podcatcher app. It can also be found via our [...]

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May 6, 2015

The APG eXPerience Podcast- 5/5/15


We celebrate the short-lived life of Silent Hills and wonder if Konami can recover from its latest news. We also talk about the incredibly shaky implementation of paid mods on Steam. Jeff talks more Mortal Kombat X and Ryan enjoys dying in Dark Souls II, and we all talk about the Kickstarter of Yooka-Lalee.

What do you think of paid mods? Are you going to miss Silent Hills? Let us know!

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Be sure to follow your hosts: Sean Winnett, Jeff Pannell and Ryan Finfrock.

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April 21, 2015

The APGNation eXPerience Podcast- 4/21/15


Mortal Kombat X, Bloodborne, Dark Souls and tangents are present in this week’s episode of The APGNation eXPerience Podcast. We talk about how microtransactions leave a bad taste in our mouths in Mortal Kombat X and how Ryan is trying to play Dark Souls for the first time. Jesse talks about being British and Tabitha talks about Destiny. Oh yeah, details on a little game called Battlefront were released.

What do you think of the Battlefront news? Have you played Mortal Kombat X yet? Let us know!

Be sure to follow your hosts on Twitter: Sean Winnett, Ryan Finfrock, Jesse Gomez and Tabitha Dickerson. [...]

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April 15, 2015

The APGNation eXPerience Podcast – 4/15/2015


This week on the APG eXPerience Podcast, Sean, Jesse, and Tabitha talk Nintendo Direct, Bloodborne, Dark Souls 2: Scholar of the First Sin, Pillars of Eternity and the culture of Remasters and HD Remakes. We ask the hard hitting questions, like which non-Nintendo character should make an appearance in Smash Bros.?

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Which characters would you like to see in Smash Bros.? What are your thoughts on HD Remakes and Remasters? Let us know!

Be sure to follow your hosts! Sean Winnett, Jesse Gomez, and Tabitha Dickerson.

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March 26, 2015

APG eXPerience Podcast – 3/26/15


This week on the APG eXPerience Podcast we talk all sorts of video game news. Nintendo is going mobile, Nintendo is developing new hardware, Nintendo, Nintendo, Nintendo. We also discuss news surrounding Mortal Kombat X and why Freddy Krueger better make a return. Sean and Jeff talk about Final Fantasy while Ryan and Jesse just nod and agree. We also discuss our most disappointing sequels in gaming.

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What do you think about Nintendo heading to mobile platforms? What are your most disappointing sequels in gaming? Let us know!

Be sure to follow your hosts! [...]

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March 18, 2015

The APGNation eXperience Podcast – 3/18/2015



This week on The APGNation eXperience Podcast we gush about Just Cause 3, Wolfenstein: The Old Blood,  Jeff talks a little about fighting games (cause of course he would do that), the dream of cross-platform play between consoles and PC and do some PAX East wrap-up and get into a discussion regarding our favorite console ever and Rock Band 4. We’re getting the band back together, guys. Faces will be melted. DLC will be purchased. Will the great plastic instrument war start up again? Rhythm games. Rhythm games never change. You can, as always, find this episode in the usual places like iTunes, [...]

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February 20, 2015

The APGNation eXperience Podcast- 2/17/2015


This week’s episode of The APGNation eXperience Podcast features real talk about Evolve, Monster Hunter Ultimate 4, Darkest Dungeon. The crew also tackles the perils of DLC (specifically TOO MUCH OF IT), the new Nintendo 3DS XL and its horrific transfer process and how the gaming industry has been affected by the rise of mobile gaming, etc. Seriously, folks. REAL. TALK. The usual shenanigans are afoot as well with Jeff probably going off on some tangent and Sean trying to restore order to the proceedings. A fun show! Give it a listen! You can also find it at the usual places like iTunes, Stitcher, and your [...]

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February 5, 2015

PAX South Edition: The APGNation eXPerience Podcast – 2/5/15



The APGNation crew is back after the insanity of PAX South 2015 for this week’s episode of the APGNation eXPerience Podcast! What games did we like the most? Which developers gave us the most insightful info? Favorite moments from the show-floor and more all on this episode of The APGNation eXPerience Podcast. Your hosts this week are Sean Winnett , Jeff Pannell and Luis Angeles.

Did any members of the Nation attend the big show down in San Antonio? Share your thoughts below! Or hit us back at @APGNation!

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January 6, 2015

The APGNation eXperience podcast – 1/6/15


We ring in the New Year with the epic journey that is Dragon Age: Inquisition. We also talk about the Halo 5 beta and its evolution as a shooter. We also talk a little iPad gaming, the early 2015 releases…college football?

What are your predictions for 2015? What is the game you are most looking forward to this year? What do you think of the evolution of Halo? Let us know!

Be sure to follow your hosts: Sean @seanwinnett, Jeff @scrivenerjeff and Ryan @ryanfinfrock. Want more gaming news and reviews? @APGNation

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December 24, 2014

The APGNation eXperience Podcast- 12/24/14

Our slightly delayed podcast this week centers around a lot of Halo talk. We talk about 343’s apology to fans and the Halo 5 beta. There is also some Dragon Age and Flappy Bird talk. We also talk about some of the biggest headlines of the past year and what we expect out of 2015.

Let us know your thoughts on 2014 and the recent Halo news, HATRED, and much more.

Be sure to follow your hosts: Sean @seanwinnett, Ryan @ryanfinfrock, and Luis @LawgicaLA

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