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The APGNation eXperience Podcast- 2/17/2015

This week’s episode of The APGNation eXperience Podcast features real talk about EvolveMonster Hunter Ultimate 4Darkest Dungeon. The crew also tackles the perils of DLC (specifically TOO MUCH OF IT), the new Nintendo 3DS XL and its horrific transfer process and how the gaming industry has been affected by the rise of mobile gaming, etc. Seriously, folks. REAL. TALK. The usual shenanigans are afoot as well with Jeff probably going off on some tangent and Sean trying to restore order to the proceedings. A fun show! Give it a listen! You can also find it at the usual places like iTunes, Stitcher, and your favorite podcatcher app.

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Hosts: Sean Winnett, Ryan Finfrock, and Jeff Pannell

About The Author
Ryan Finfrock
Ryan Finfrock
“Cheap Five Dollar Dress.” That’s what my last name loosely means in German. That is pretty much my only claim to fame at this point of my life. In other parts of life, I am a 21-year-old student from Cincinnati, Ohio studying Electronic Media and Broadcasting with a minor in Political Science at Northern Kentucky University. If I’m not studying, working or sleeping, I am trying my hardest to sneak in some game time on my Xbox One or 3DS (Destiny, Madden 15 and Smash Bros. are taking up most of my time.) I also enjoy the occasional iOS game on my iPhone or iPad. I am also a novice filmmaker and news junkie. I work with production folks on a daily basis and start my morning browsing the interwebs and see what the biggest news of the day happens to be. I also enjoy watching movies as much as I can. (But movies are way too dang expensive anymore!) I am firm believer that video games are art. I really started realizing this during the Mass Effect 3 controversy. I couldn’t believe that people wanted Bioware to change the ending to the game. To me, it was like people wanting to change the Mona Lisa because they didn’t like how the hands looked. This was the point where I was writing a lot about video games on my blog and developed a strong passion to video games. I believe video games can be a very powerful platform and the second-best form of storytelling next to reading a book. Bioshock continues to be my favorite game of all time because it brings together good gameplay (at the time) and fantastic storytelling. Also, it has one of the best twists in the history of gaming. So if you haven’t figured it out yet, I love story-driven games. I also take fantasy football way too seriously and am a desperate, die hard Cincinnati Bengals fan.