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December 7, 2015

Minecraft Coming Soon to The Wii U

The ever popular open-world building game Minecraft will hit the Wii U on December 17th with a host of features tailored exclusively for the console. Besides the content fans of the game known and loved, Minecraft for the Wii U will also allow gamers to play without a TV on the Wii U touchpad, and will come packed with some of the game’s most popular DLC including:

Battle & Beasts Skin Pack Battle & Beasts 2 Skin Pack Natural Texture Pack City Texture Pack Fantasy Texture Pack Festive Mash-up Pack

“With so many included add-on content packs, Minecraft: Wii U Edition brings an exciting collection of Minecraft content and experiences to Nintendo fans,” [...]

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June 15, 2015

E3 2015: Microsoft Talks VR, HoloLens and Minecraft

Virtual reality made a major appearance in Microsoft’s E3 press conference earlier today with more details on the upcoming HoloLens and a surprise partnership announcement with Valve.

First, Microsoft announced that it would be partnering with both Valve, the company behind Steam and the Half Life series, and Oculus VR in both of their virtual reality projects respectively. The partnership with Oculus would entail Xbox One controller support for the Oculus Rift upon launch, but also a surprise declaration that an Xbox One controller will be shipped with every Oculus Rift headset sold upon its release to the market. This major change did not bring any news of possible price [...]

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October 18, 2014

A Teen Spends Two Years Building City In Minecraft

When it comes to Minecraft, people have spent hours upon hours perfecting anything that their imagination can conjure up. One man decided to take his idea to unimaginable lengths with his city “Titan City.” Oh yeah, it took him two years to complete his design. 

When Duncan Parcells completed his city, which is inspired by New York City, he used 4.5 million blocks and had 96 buildings in his world. He spent 18 months building an accurate representation of the original World Trade Centers alone.

19-year-old Parcells says that he has always loved architecture and that Minecraft was the perfect way for his imagination to come to life. He calls the game [...]

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September 15, 2014

Minecraft Developer to be bought by Microsoft

According to a post on their official blog, Mojang, the developers of the popular Minecraft franchise, have confirmed that they are indeed being bought by computer giant Microsoft. Those in charge of the studio assure their fans that everything will be OK despite the change in ownership and that the development of various Minecraft related projects will continue unabated despite the upheaval.

The blog post also states that Notch, the creator of Minecraft and founder of Mojang, never thought this his creation and the company itself would become as big as they have and that he didn’t want run a large coporation. Because of this, he decided to sell his controlling share of [...]

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May 20, 2014

Mojang Announces Minecraft Realms

Today Mojang announced Minecraft Realms, it’s hosting service that offers some pretty cool features. There will be no need to worry about setting up Minecraft Realms yourself, it’s already set up for you. After logging in, you will be able to access this feature with a few mouse clicks. As of right now, Minecraft Realms is only available for the PC. Mojang is hoping they will be able to bring this service to other platforms. Previously Mojang allowed players to host their own Minecraft servers, and users were given free reign to do whatever they want. Gamers should be able to use all existing mods and features as this is only a secure hosting service. I’m sure Mojang [...]
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May 6, 2014

New Minecraft Mode: Captive

Yesterday the Farlanders (a YouTube production team) hit their 20,000 subscriber mark and as a special for their followers, they released a new Minecraft mode: Captive Minecraft. The short of it is that the player is spawned in a 1×1 block cage that expands slightly with each achievement. The video below gives a quick demo.

From the video you can see that this new feature offers multiplayer options to speed along the process and a funny clip of the looming darkness of night closing in on these adventurers. As well, the mode includes modifications to the world so that the items necessary for achievements are more closely clumped so players have an easier time within the [...]
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