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March 18, 2016

Street Fighter V Review

Game: Street Fighter V Developer: Capcom, Dimps Publisher: Capcom Platforms: PC/PlayStation 4 Price: $59.99 Reviewed On: PlayStation 4

A code was provided by the publisher for this review.

There was a dark time in the landscape of fighting games. The genre was stagnant for what felt like ages before Capcom unleashed Street Fighter IV onto the scene. The home console release back in 2009 was equivalent to Third Impact, honestly. It was a mega-ton that bombarded the entire FGC (Fighting Game Community) and got people to pay attention to a genre of games that was, frankly, not great at the time. It is no secret that Street Fighter is the fighting game. Few other names [...]

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June 30, 2015

Ultra Street Fighter IV Review

Developer: Capcom/Other Ocean Interactive Publisher: Sony Platform: PlayStation 4 Price: $25.00 Release Date: May 26th, 2015

A review copy was provided for the purposes of this article.

Ultra Street Fighter IV is one of the many iterations that has come along for Street Fighter IV. It, as with any other fighting game expansion, it brought with it new characters, costumes, balance changes and the like. There is no denying that the longevity of the game in the competitive scene is a testament to the quality of the core product. When it comes to fighting games there are few names as synonymous with the genre as Capcom’s long-running Street Fighter franchise. The [...]

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June 25, 2015

Welcome to the World of Yakuza 5, Developer Interview Part One

Fans of the Yakuza series spoke loud and clear a few years back at E3 2013. Gio Corsi, Director of Third Party Production at Sony Computer Entertainment, asked for the games they most wanted to see in the West. Yakuza 5 was at the top of the list and, after much denial and backpedaling, the dream is alive and well with a localized release of Yakuza 5 on PS3. Gio sat down with Yakuza series general director Toshihiro Nagoshi and producer Masayoshi Yokoyama for the first of a 3 part interview series regarding the game, its five cities, multiple protagonists and more.

Corsi starts off with the origins of the concept and just what drove the two to craft the series. The games, [...]

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June 18, 2015

Could this be the Shortest Console Generation Yet?

Right now we’re all enjoying what is the most exciting part of any console generation – we’ve got all the launch titles out of the way, and cross-generation games are slowly disappearing.  So the next few years should be exciting and full of surprises, right? But what if there aren’t many years to come before we see a new set of consoles?

We all know how long the last one went on for. I managed to own all three of the consoles multiple times within its lifespan. Hundreds of great games and several iterations of consoles were released.  The gaming landscape is vastly different this time around though, and an eight-year console cycle is not feasible for [...]

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June 15, 2015

E3 2015: No Man’s Sky Shows New Gameplay

Hello Games engaged the crowds of Sony’s press conference for E3 earlier this evening with a gameplay demonstration of No Man’s Sky.

The demonstration, coming as a major announcement after near silence for almost half a year, is providing a first look into the depth and progress that the game has made. On display was all the major aspects of the gameplay, including space combat — which will allow for a player to assist any faction they desire to win an ongoing battle — the fast movement between solar systems which is done through a hyperdrive system, and the cataloging of fauna on new planets.

The gameplay continued with the discovery of a new planet called [...]

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June 14, 2015

E3 2015 Schedule Rundown

With E3 just around the corner, APGNation takes a look at the schedule and some of the biggest press conferences and announcements. All times below are US PDT. The main press conferences start on Sunday at 6:30 PM with the Bethesda conference. With the official trailer of Fallout 4 already having been released, there is little doubt that Fallout 4 will be a major feature in their event. The first Monday conference is Microsoft at 9:30 AM. With Halo Guardians being one of the biggest games on the horizon for the Xbox, expect to see it feature in their conference. Microsoft has also teased at a Plants Vs Zombies title being announced at the event. According to Twitter, Oculus will [...]

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June 4, 2015

Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection Announced

Sony has announced a new remastered version  of the Uncharted series today titled Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection. The newly retouched collection will release on the 7th of October in North America and in Europe on the 9th. It will be Drake’s first appearance on the PS4 before the release of Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End during 2016.

All three games, Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune, Uncharted 2: Among Thieves and Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception, will boast updated visuals including; 1080p support, 60fps gameplay, improved textures, lighting and character models. Naughty Dog is also looking to make additional gameplay changes in order to improve the user experience. These are [...]

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February 4, 2015

Sony Online Entertainment Sold and Rebranded Daybreak Game Company

Announced via press release, New York-based investment firm Columbus Nova has acquired Sony Online Entertainment. SOE, best known for games like Everquest, Planetside 2, and DC Universe Online will now operate as an independent game studio, Daybreak Game Company LLC.

Jason Epstein, Senior Partner of Columbus Nova, issued a statement on this surprising turn of events. He said that SOE is a great addition to their existing portfolio of technology and media, and decision makers at Columbus Nova feel there’s tremendous potential for growth with this expansion of the company’s game portfolio through multi-platform offerings as well as new quality games just on the [...]

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January 20, 2015

Too Little Too Late, PSN?

Sony are trying to make things right following PSN ‘s downtime over the holidays. According to an article posted on the Playstation blog by Eric Lempel, they’re offering customers a 10% discount on select titles over the weekend.

To make up for the service outage that lingered for days, Sony is offering a 10% discount from 9:00 AM PST January 23 to 9:00 AM PST January 26. PSN customers can use the promotional code they’ll receive for a one-time only purchase of a 10% discount off eligible items in a total cart purchase on the PSN Store. This applies to PS3 and PS4 as well as the mobile Sony store. There are caveats to their generosity though. this [...]

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January 5, 2015

Playstation Tells all about PSNow

Details of the Playstation Now have been released just hours ago and the news is exciting. A post made via the Playstation blog, written by Peter Jamshidi has revealed information that may answer several questions Sony fans have been clamouring to know.

On January 13, Sony customers will have access to a subscription service for PSNow that will provide unlimited access to an existing catalogue of 100+ Playstation 3 titles. PSNow user will be able to discover new game titles and play them instantly without downloads, installs or even patches. It seems the idea behind the new service is to eliminate the need for people to leave their home— instead of requiring a physical [...]

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