Editorial Policy

Editorial Policy

APGNation’s Editorial Policy dictates the guidelines for editorial direction, including but not limited to: article topics published, persons of interest interviewed, products reviewed, and opinions provided.

APGNation strives to be inclusive of as many differing perspectives to give its readers a comprehensive view of the gaming industry and community. Topics will range from established to emergent technologies, popular and alternative trends, and political opinions related to the gamer identity and culture. APGNation’s staff is also composed of people from different backgrounds and experiences to demonstrate solidarity in diversity.


The Editorial Board, including the Owner, reviews all article content — including news topics, profile interviews, and opinion articles — for accuracy and consistency before publication. Comments from users may be addressed by members of staff from time to time, with addendums made as necessary. Significant changes — including redactions, event updates, and misattributions — will be formally noted.

All content related to Gaming News and eSports contain source material to be fact checked by members of the Editorial Board before publication. Authors of such content will not withhold contextual information if it is paramount to readers’ understanding of the topic. If any objection to content should be made, please e-mail Info@APGNation.com regarding the content in question. All requests will be answered in a timely manner.

Profile Interviews

Profile interviews are conducted for the following purposes: to add context to a person of interest involved in an ongoing series of events that affects the gaming industry or gaming community; or to highlight an individual of a society, team, or company whose investments have impacted the gaming industry or gaming community. This may include developers, artists, writers, composers, and critics, as well as professional gamers and Internet personalities.

All interviewees are preemptively considered by the Editorial Board before being approached. Interview questions are drafted by the interviewing journalist and reviewed by the Editorial Board to mitigate attempts to unjustifiably or maliciously harm the interviewee’s reputation. All answers given by the interviewee are reviewed by the Editorial Board only for grammar and consistency — the opinions expressed in an interview are solely of the interviewee and do not reflect the opinions of the interviewing journalist, the staff, or APGNation.

Opinion Pieces

All opinion pieces written reflect the stated opinions of the author, and are not necessarily shared by members of staff, readers, or APGNation. Writers are given more expressive freedom with opinion pieces — as such, opinion pieces need not meet the same sourcing guidelines as other content. However, Editorial Board will adhere to the same standards of review, and will check opinion pieces for accuracy and consistency. Editorial Board will consult the author for any questionable content, but it is ultimately author’s decision to post.