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Google Stadia’s Game-Sharing Feature “State Share” Will Be Introduced With “Crayta”

With the announcement of Google Stadia, the Mountain View-based tech giant made some heavy claims concerning the platform. Over time, the company added several games, like PUBG and Doom 64, and new features to the platform. One of the features that Google announced with the cloud-based gaming platform was “State Share”. And the first game to use this feature will be a multiplayer-game called “Crayta”.

The “State Share” is a unique feature for the Stadia players that allows them to “jump” into a friend’s multiplayer games via links that can be shared. With this feature integrated into games, players can generate a unique link and share it with friends, fans, or anyone who can use it to join the player’s game instantly.

Now, “Crayta” is essentially a Minecraft-like world-building multiplayer game that was announced as a “Stadia exclusive”. This means that the game will be available on Stadia and no other platform for a while. It is finally launching on July 1 and will be the first game to bring the “State Share” feature with it.

Now as Stadia is a cloud-based gaming platform, Google will be allowing players to easily generate and share a link with friends or other players to allow them to join their game with just a click. Chris Swan, the Publishing Director of “Crayta” explained how they are using the feature, which is still in beta, with their own game-sharing feature, “Share Codes”.

The links that the game will generate using the “State Share” feature will be of different types. This means, there will be different links for different purposes. For instance, if the player wants his/her friends to join them in “Play Mode”, there will be a certain link. And if he/she wants them to join in the “Create Mode”, there will be a different link. You can check out the chart below to check out the different links.

Google Stadia State Share

So, the “State Share” feature is a pretty cool feature for a collaborative gaming experience. And the integration of it in “Crayta” will open a whole lot of opportunities for Stadia players. The game will be free for Stadia Pro subscribers. For non-Stadia Pro players, it will cost $40 (~Rs 3040).

Jeremy Spain
Jeremy Spain
Jeremy Spain is originally from Southern California and is a graduate of Georgetown University. He covers top business and entrepreneur stories. He is also a reporter for other major online news outlets.

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