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How to design a comfortable kids bedroom

Kids bedrooms can be the most difficult to design out of any room in the entire house. We all know that kids change their minds like the wind, and they grow up incredibly fast, so any permanent design choices you make could become hated when they get a little older.

The best thing you can do is design a bedroom that grows with the child. This will save you money in the long run, not having to redesign elements to fit the changing tastes and needs of the child.

1.   Make sure there is extra space for furniture

As a child grows, they will collect more personal possessions, and naturally, they will want to keep them in their bedroom. You want to make sure that you have room for extra storage like clothes, drawers and cabinets so that things can stay organised. Make sure you allow some breathing room in one corner of the room so that new furniture can be added over the years.

2.   Go subtle with thematic elements

If you are going to incorporate elements that kids love like animals or pirates or fairies or whatever else, be subtle about it. If you go over the top and design the room with permanent fixtures that are thematic, it won’t give the child room to change their tastes as they grow older.

3.   Don’t use carpet

Carpet in a kids room isn’t a good idea since they will just ruin it. Even if you’ve seen a fantastic carpet with a town printed on it for kids to play on, it’s not going to be worth it at the end of the day, since you will be the once cleaning up the mess.

Hopefully, you can use the above to help you design the kids bedroom.

Hugo La Trobe
Hugo La Trobe
Hugo La Trobe is a handyman with over 10 years’ experience, and he’s worked on a wide variety of home improvement projects. Luckily for our readers, Hugo is more than happy to share his expertise and opinion with regards to home improvement.

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