What’s Up Fred Voccola’s Sleeve? Kaseya CEO Teases Major Announcement Drop

The IT Managed Service Provider (MSP) community is abuzz with speculation about a major announcement recently teased by Kaseya CEO Fred Voccola and slated for unveiling at the company’s upcoming Kaseya Connect Global user conference to take place April 29 through May 2nd in Las Vegas.

In comments made during a recent interview and in a promo video for the upcoming conference posted on the company’s social media, Voccola indicated that the news will be momentous stating in his video, “This year, we have a surprise. We’re making an announcement that will change our industry and our community forever.”

Kaseya’s Connect Global conference has traditionally been a place where the company releases the details of major product developments, has launched significant program initiatives, and announces its mergers and acquisitions.

Past announcements made during the annual event have included the company’s release of its ground-breaking IT Complete platform, the launch of its ProfitFUEL model developed to help MSPs save money, regardless of unfavorable economic conditions, and the unveiling of a series of high-profile acquisitions over the years such as its 2018 acquisition of IT Glue, ID Agent and RapidFire Tools, the 2021 acquisition of RocketCyber, ConnectBooster and TruMethods, and in 2022, Kaseya’s acquisition of major competitor, Datto.

However, Voccola has indicated that the upcoming revelation will not be related to a merger or acquisition – and dispelled rumors that the company may be going public – while further fueling speculation and myriad theories by saying in his video, “We at Kaseya have been working on something for the last 10 years that we will be announcing at [Kaseya] Connect,” and [presumably speaking directly to Kaseya’s MSP partners], he says the announcement, “Will revolutionize what each and every one of your businesses is doing.”

So, what’s all the hype about? Voccola won’t release further details in advance but in an interview with Channel Futures back in December, referred to the upcoming announcement as something that will make any MSP powered by Kaseya “impossible to beat” saying, “MSPs not powered by Kaseya will find it very, very tough [to compete].”

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