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August 29, 2015

Rocket League Weekly: 8/29/2015 Edition

Welcome to this week’s edition of Rocket League Weekly, it is once again a bit quiet compared to other weeks. Regardless of this let’s get on with proceedings.

SteamOS and Mac version in Development

Psyonix announced they were looking to develop for other platforms not too long ago; it looks like a SteamOS and Mac version of the game are on their way shortly. This is probably not the announcement that many were expecting, I honestly thought we were going to hear something about a Xbox One version. Especially as the game is available on Windows, with cross splay coming between Windows 10 and Xbox One in the near future.  Steam and Psyonix have also struck an [...]

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August 15, 2015

Rocket League Weekly: 8/15/2015 Edition

It’s been a big week for Rocket League; we’ve had new DLC and a substantial update.  The update has added a whole range of new features and fixed a few issues as well. Let’s get started with the DLC shall we?

Supersonic Fury DLC

The DLC gives players two new vehicles, the American Muscle car Dominus and the Street Racer Takumi. Along with these cars, you will get; six new decals, five new paint types and also two new boosts. The DLC costs $3.99 on both Steam and PSN. Reasonably cheap considering what is included.  I hope this is the way they continue with DLC, as it manages to keep the game fresh without splitting the community. I don’t fancy a Battlefield [...]

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August 8, 2015

Rocket League Weekly: First Edition

Welcome to Rocket League Weekly, a weekly guide to everything that is happening in the world or Rocket League. I’ll be updating you on game news, community news and even showing you some sweet goals .This week is going to be a general catch up on everything that has happened so far, with the next one being a weekly piece. First bit of news this week is a big one, the first big update and DLC news.

Patch 1.03 & DLC The first big patch released last week brought a slew of new fixes and improvements. The fixes include; A fix for the Far Far away Achievement, visual optimizations, online latency issues and they have also added a mouse sensitivity option. The full list [...]

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