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Chef’s secrets to cooking a perfect steak

Nothing can impress someone more than a perfectly cooked steak, and there’s rarely anything that tastes better. But where so many people try, so many people also fail. Cooking a good steak is simple, but difficult to do.

This is how the chefs do it.

First off, take the steak out of the fridge and leave it for an hour, you should not cook it straight out of the fridge.

Secondly, pat the meat try before cooking.

Thirdly, season it excessively.

Fourth, get the pan hot, but not over-the-top hot.

Fifth, cook with garlic and butter for extra flavour.

Finally, heat it high at first to sear the outside, then move the temperature lower to a moderate heat for the middle. When cooking the steak, cook for 1 to 2 minutes until seared, then another minute till it is cooked halfway up the steak, then flip and cook for another minute.

And that’s all, the perfect steak. The cooking is of course contextual to how big the steak is, but the method generally works.


Connor Keldie
Connor Keldie
Connor Keldie loves food, and he loves the joy that sharing food with others brings. He’s a big advocate of everyone learning how to cook, and he loves whipping up a storm in his home kitchen with his two children.

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