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Easy meal prepping recipe ideas for fitness gains

Meal prepping is undoubtedly one of the best ways to get a stable nutrition intake whilst simultaneously fuelling your body for maximum fitness gains and recovery. The inherent nature of meal prepping is cooking large sums of food for consumption later, and this can take a while when using complex recipes. So what are the most bare bones, simple recipes for nutrition and fitness recovery? These recipes have worked for me well in the past, and can look and sound boring, because they are usually boring. But they do their job and provide nutrition for gains.

Here are some easy meal prepping recipes for fitness gains.

Chicken breast and rice

The staple meal for any bodybuilder. The very name striking fear into fitness freaks worldwide. Although it can get very boring very quickly, chicken breast and rice is one of the best staple meals for any fitness fanatic. Providing enough protein and complex carbs to fuel the body, it is a perfect filler meal for bulking, or normal meal for when you are cutting. It is recommended you experiment with spices and sauces to spice it up, or it will get very sick of this very quickly.

Chilli con carne

No matter how many times I make this, I will always enjoy it. Easy to make in bulk with a large pot providing huge servings of around 5 a pot, this meal provides huge amounts of protein and carbohydrates guaranteed to make you grow. The spices and flavours of this makes it impossible to get bored of, and adding in extras such as bread or different beans and meats can ensure enough variety for this to always be in your meal prep cycle.

Tuna and rice

Okay, I know these all sound pretty boring but trust me, they work. Tuna and rice is another staple meal (or any fish with rice, tuna is just most accessible) for any fitness fanatic. Providing enough nutrition for fitness gains and enough food to keep you full, this is a definite go to for easy meals.

The meals provided here are incredibly easy to make and take no time at all. They provide substantial nutrition and will always be staple meals for fitness freaks across the world.

Connor Keldie
Connor Keldie
Connor Keldie loves food, and he loves the joy that sharing food with others brings. He’s a big advocate of everyone learning how to cook, and he loves whipping up a storm in his home kitchen with his two children.

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