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How to ensure your workplace is COVID-safe

As the world continues to grapple with the coronavirus pandemic, all public and private spaces must be always made to be COVID-safe. Each region, country, and state jurisdiction has its own set of orders and regulations, designed to combat the spread of the highly-infectious disease. If you operate a business and are unsure how to minimize the risks of adding to the spread of COVID-19, then check out the guidelines below.

Physical distancing

Known as social distancing or physical distancing, individuals must maintain 1.5 metres between each other. This means that in all corporate office spaces, each worker must have 1.5m distance from all other people. The same applies to the hospitality sector, including restaurants, cafes and cinemas. Fitness centers, including gyms and aquatic centers, must also acknowledge the 1.5m rule.

Mask wearing

In many places, mask-wearing is mandatory or strongly recommended; however, this is consistent across jurisdictions. For example, all people in metropolitan Melbourne must wear a face mask or covering when in public, in shopping centres or on public transport. In New South Wales, however, mask-wearing is not mandatory, albeit it is strongly recommended when using public transport. Public and private spaces should encourage mask-wearing where social distancing cannot be followed.

Hygiene requirements

All public spaces should be equipped with adequate sanitary equipment, like hand sanitizers. Stores and public spaces are to be cleaned often, so if you work in an area that has public interaction, all desks, chairs and equipment should be cleaned thoroughly and often.

Signage and posters

For large businesses, it is worth having signage and posters stationed around the office. This will remind people of what they need to be mindful of and how they can make sure they are always following the COVID-safe rules. These posters are free to download off government websites – simply visit your local government website for access and more information.

Georgia Packer
Georgia Packer
Georgia Packer is our resident health writer, and she’s got an extensive background working in healthcare. Georgia is passionate about disseminating complex subject matter for readers so that they have the best information possible when it comes to managing and improving their health.

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