Modders Create a Virtual Reality Gameboy Experience

Oculus VRNostalgia plays a deep role in video games. Games that are 20-years-old can still be played today and enjoyed just as much by some people because of that precise fact.

This interesting concept is something modder Shane O’Brien latched onto for a new experience. His mod places the player inside a monochromatic virtual living room for a solitary purpose: Playing an original Gameboy.

This emulation is more than just playing the exact game on a handheld. It’s more like living a memory.

Black and white the world hazes before you like your accessing it on a rainy day. Drab, the carpet and furniture lay, dormant, and you hold a device to transport you from boredom into a land of video game excitement. 8-bit sounds chirp tunes as you settle pieces of a falling puzzle to Tetris.

Passing nostalgia, this new virtual reality mod is like pulling a dusty photograph out of the closet and jumping in.

More people are saying every day that Oculus Rift and other virtual reality devices are the future, and O’Brien has given them another reason, and that is the notion that it can revitalize the past.

This mod is available here. Look out for more news about Oculus Rift as it comes and be sure to continue to watch our feeds.

Source: Game Informer

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