Our Nation’s NoScope Gaming Glasses Review

Gaming peripherals are an always growing business, especially for PC gamers (like me). They enrich the experience and hopefully improve how we play.

NoScope‘s new gaming glasses do exactly that and exceedingly so. My first surprise is how light and unobtrusive they were to my vision as well as being comfortable. Much lighter than my normal glasses, after just a few minutes of wearing, you could forget that they were there.




As well, most companies that make peripherals will mark up the prices, charge you an obscene amount for things, and give you nearly no options.

Not so with NoScope. $20 is the price for these glasses, and it comes with a sweet bag (which you can get additional for a small fee), a great wiping cloth, and you can even purchase a 1-year warranty for only $9.99.

My one reservation toward these glasses is the material seems somewhat breakable. Not fragile like one drop would shatter it, but the limbs seemed like if you bent them much, they’d snap. Honestly, though, the product overall is a fantastic buy, and if you don’t roll over it with your desk chair, and keep them in the carrying case when you don’t use them, they’ll be perfectly fine.


As far as what the glasses actually do, the website advertises that the glasses will “Reduce eye-strain from intense gaming sessions, and improve contrast and clarity during computer usage,” and it does just that. Being a writer and a gamer, I spend nearly 14 hours a day with my eyeballs on a screen, and I could actually feel the glasses help with the strain of the screen itself.

For contrast and clarity, it’s really difficult to show exactly what the glasses do without you putting them on yourself, but I’ve crafted (with some photoshop magic) somewhat of an example of what the glasses give you:


On the left would be how the screen normally looks, on the right would be with the glasses. Obviously, there’s a yellow-ish tint from the glasses, but that’s what keeps the strain off your eyes, and the tint being used is actually what helps bring out the details of what you’re trying to see.

Hazards like fires, rocket trails, bullet sparks, etc. are brilliant with the glasses on and not only does it add to the stunning imaging of your already-great games, it also cements in your mind the real danger for your character.

As well, small details like a cloaked soldier, a sniper’s subtle movements from the shadows, and building ledges pop out so much more with the NoScope glasses.

Overall rating: 9.5 out of 10. The glasses are an amazing product and an absolute buy. Between price, quality, and functionality, it’s a no-brainer. I can’t quite give it that perfect ten without a sturdier product, but who knows? NoScope may already have a successor in the works.

What peripherals do you use? Would you buy these NoScope glasses? Let us know in the comments section below or contact us on Twitter @APGNation.

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