Experience A Dystopian Future In Fallen A2P Protocol


In the tradition of such classic games as the Fallout series and XCOM, Red Katana Studios brings you Fallen A2P Protocol; a turned-based tactical RPG in which players fight through a dark future in which mega corporations compete for precious resources in a ravaged world. In the brave new world of GENKORP, a military industrial corporation unveils A2P, a revolutionary new fuel that would drive mankind’s ambitions for ages to come. However all of this comes with a price as the new fuel begins to wreak havoc with the Earth’s weather systems, irrecoverably changing much of the Earth’s surface into a death-ridden wasteland known as “The Dust.”

Discontent often breeds rebellion and the debacle over A2P is no different. A group known as ARKANE rises up to challenge GENKORP clashes with the mega corporation in what little is left of Earth’s usable lands. The conflict between ARKANE and GENKORP takes the form of a turn-based tactical strategy experience in which gamers must plot their movements carefully as they traverse the Dust and assault foes with Fallen’s wide variety of RPG-style upgradeable weapons and armor.


The trek across the Dust will also not be an easy one, as the A2P warped weather proves to be a formidable foe as well by obscuring your vision and making it even harder to explore the games highly destructible environments and locations.

The team at Red Katana, a developer based out of Argentina, is very excited about the project. Their CEO Martin Cao, left the following message for gamers: “We love turn-based strategy and tactical games, and have been playing them for many years; but we felt there weren’t enough great contemporary games in the genre and came up with the idea of Fallen: A2P Protocol. During the early development process we realized how important it is for fans of these games to be involved, and so we are asking the gaming community to not only assist us with financial backing, but work together with us to define features and prioritize gameplay elements that will make Fallen a game that is both worthy of the genre’s predecessors and includes fan-favorite features and community driven must-have content”.


Fallen is currently in development and boasts a Kickstarter, which can be found here, that has already has raised $25,000 of their $75,000 goal. For those interested in learning more about Fallen, a Q&A from the developers is also available.

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